SRK Gives Perfect Reply To Fan Who Asks Why He Uses ‘Khan’ Despite His ‘Kashmiri Background’


Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar not just in Bollywood but all across the world. His wit and sense of humour are well-known. The actor enjoys a large following, and everyone adores his endearing demeanour. With his interviews and fan interactions, he is a man who has the ability to make a lasting impact.


Shahrukh is active on social media, and everyone looks forward to his #AskSRK Twitter session with his followers. Shah Rukh Khan recently used the hashtag #AskSRK to host an ask SRK session on Wednesday.

With SRK’s latest movie Pathaan releasing this month, his fans were quick to send in their questions

Once more, SRK responded to his fans’ inquiries with amusing and smart responses. Shah Rukh gave an extremely humble response when a fan inquired about his monthly salary. The fan enquired,

Ek mahine mein kitna kama lete hain?  #AskSRK

King Khan’s answer proves that he is a gentleman with modest beginnings. He wrote,

“Pyaar Beshumaar Kamata hoon….har din (I earn immense love every day)”

Another fan inquired about Shah Rukh Khan’s family background and asked the reason for using ”Khan” in his surname when his family background is Kashmiri

The fan asked,

#AskSRK khan saab ap ki Family background to Kashmiri he na phir khan kyun lagate hen ap apne name ke sath ?

Once more, the actor had the ideal response. He claimed that he views everyone as a member of his family.

A person’s social standing is decided by their profession, not by their family name, he continued. He noted:

The whole world is my family….family ke naam se naam nahi hota….kaam se naam hota hai. Choti baaton mein mat padho please (The whole world is my family. One doesn’t earn their name because of their family. They earn it with their work. Don’t indulge in such petty things)”.

During the question and answer session, Shah Rukh even had savage replies for his haters

when a follower questioned whether watching Pathaan was worthwhile. As Shah Rukh remarked

Oh God these people are really deep….what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of anything..? Sorry I am not such a deep thinker.

when a different troll said Shah Rukh should stop acting and labelled Pathaan a failure. As Shahrukh said,

Beta badhon se aise baat nahi karte!! (Kid, that’s not how you speak with elders)

On January 25, 2023, the action-thriller film Pathaan is scheduled for release. The audience’s reactions to the film are conflicting. In addition to Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham play key parts in the movie.