8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love


Your world will feel like it’s crumbling down if you’re in what appears to be a serious and dedicated relationship and finally decide to say, “I love you,” only to have the other person’s answer range from “thank you” to complete silence. And now you’re beginning to wonder if the other person is being as honest and open with you as you believed. However, their unwillingness to share their feelings with you should cause you to reflect.

1. They express their affection more publicly on social media and in front of their friends than they do in private.


Posting photo after photo on Instagram to show what a terrific relationship you are is a huge indicator of insecurity. It’s also a red flag if your partner is only kind and attentive to you while you’re out with friends. When you’re alone at home, their adoration shouldn’t end. If the love gestures end and the quiet comes behind closed doors, it’s because your partner enjoys putting on a “affection display” for the world to witness.

It’s very likely that your partner gauges their happiness based on how successful your relationship is. So, if others online compliment you on what a terrific relationship you are, this makes them happy.

2. Your discussions are as parched as the Sahara Desert.


Both partners must be open to communicating about themselves and the world around them in order to have a good, deep connection. Your spouse, on the other hand, does not initiate a discussion until they require something from you. Even when you try to start a conversation, they seem uninterested in what you have to offer. Subjects do not progress in any way, and the topics you cover are really uninteresting and brief.

3. They attempt to alter your behaviour and routines.


You may both have characteristics that you dislike in each other. In a false relationship, your spouse would most likely want to change the aspects of you that they dislike. Essentially, they are asking you to sacrifice yourself in order to satisfy them and their demands. They have elevated themselves above you and your connection, and if you do not comply with their demands, you will face serious consequences.

4. They don’t collaborate with you to solve difficulties.


Conflicts and disagreements are normal in partnerships, and resolving them requires cooperation from both partners. Both of you must accept your obligations and meet in the middle. Your partner, on the other hand, is uninterested in any of this and simply walks away, waiting for the storm to pass. They are simply uninterested in listening to your concerns.

Not only that, but they appear unconcerned about your sentiments or how they may have harmed you. A caring partner should be worried about you and the consequences of their actions. You shouldn’t prod for an answer that doesn’t solve anything.

5. You aren’t a top priority for them.


Your companion most likely cancels your plans far too frequently, claiming lame excuses. They might also express their unhappiness over it and how they can’t change the situation because it’s “not in their hands.” While cancelling arrangements on sometimes is understandable, if this conduct persists for an extended period of time, you may not be a high enough priority for them.

It’s not about doing wild things or going on group trips with your buddies; it’s about establishing deep roots. So if they invite you to join them on a lengthy trek or a trip to the beach, it’s because they want to spend quality time with you. If they absolutely must see you, they may have to change their entire schedule.

6. They bring up their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend far too frequently.


It’s possible that your partner hasn’t moved on from their ex and you’re just a rebound. If they talk a lot about their ex or, worse, compare you to them, you should be suspicious. This is a telltale sign that their mind and emotions are trapped in the past, and your relationship is only a means to an end. They might just be seeking for a way to boost their ego following a broken relationship.

If they avoid making eye contact with you, it’s another clue that their mind and heart are elsewhere. Hugging you only because you hugged them or being physically near to them does not mean their mind is present. Avoiding direct eye contact with yourself may cause you to have second thoughts about your relationship or make you wonder whether you’ve done something wrong.

7. They don’t create plans for the future with you.


The issue of your future should come up sooner or later in a deep and lasting relationship – not just about having children or getting married, but also about simple things like future trips and meeting each other’s families. If your partner appears uninterested in such a discussion, they most likely have commitment concerns. Perhaps they haven’t even considered it, which could be a red flag.

8. They enjoy showing their stuff.


Social media posts are no longer the sole avenue for your partner to brag. They also enjoy dressing up and going out to opulent, high-end restaurants and bars on a regular basis. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, they may start an argument with you. As a result, if you don’t meet their expensive requirements, their ostensible feelings may begin to fade.

Do any of the aforementioned habits ring true in your relationship? What would you do if you were in charge of dealing with the problems and finding a solution?