Once a Fan Asked Sushant Singh Rajpoot ‘Don’t Die Soon’, Actor’s Reply Will Give You Teary Eyes

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It has now been more than a month since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The 34-year-old is widely admired around the country for all the work he has done so far. After his death, lots of stories of how we’ve been with his fellow actors and how he used to connect with the fans are now taking the Internet by storm.

Like other actors, the 34-year-old actor’s updates are a combination of self-musings and meditations. There are many posts about the stars, planets, moon, dark matter, and even peering at the night sky through his telescope. Well-read and with a scientific bent of mind, he had plans to visit NASA as part of the preparation for an astronaut’s job in a mission that has now been shelved. He left engineering at the age of 18 to become a dancer and soon shifted his attention to acting. It’s sad that although he suffered so much he was on the top of his career.

The whole country now understands the way Bollywood is ganging up oppressing genuinely talented new actors. Some Bollywood celebrities have been slammed with Sushant’s fans crying out to those who failed to appreciate his talent, creativity and did not help when he needed them most. Netizens accuse the biggies and star kids of Bollywood of being the reason behind Sushant ‘s accident and lead him to take the huge step of ending his life.

Sushant Singh Rajput always had time for his fans and to always interact with them he made sure to do so. We noticed a message from a fan who had asked Sushant before to “not die early.” An Instagram post from the fan page of Sushant Singh Rajput started making internet rounds and got quite the publicity. A fan has told the actor in the post,

“Sir, sir, sir, please don’t die soon and keep doing the good stuff, keep motivating people like us. There are very few, extremely few people left like you. Please, please, please don’t give up on anything”.

Replying to his fan’s plea, Sushant Singh Rajput had said,

“Yes, I surely will. Thank you for your words of encouragement. P.S. Please don’t die soon cracked me up. Haha, sure buddy.”

Check out the screenshot of their sweet exchange below

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