Epic Transformation of Tanushree Dutta, Lost 15 Kgs to make a Comeback in Bollywood


Everyone was caught aback when they saw some of actress Tanushree Dutta’s recent images on social media. Tanushree Dutta has indeed dropped weight and looks stunning in her new look. Tanushree Dutta claims to have dropped 15 kilogrammes of weight.

Tanushree has shared her transformation story with others and made a lengthy blog post about it. Tanushree Dutta stated on Instagram that she turned down a job offer in the United States because she wanted to resume her acting profession.

Where is Tanushree Dutta now?

“Some old news going around that I’m working an IT job in LA,” she added. In truth, I was studying IT and had a terrific IT employment chance with the US government’s defence sector. It was a respectable employment prospect because I’ve always had the discipline, integrity, and dedication of an army soldier, so working in this profession in any capacity would have been a privilege. But I declined because I wanted to pursue my artistic career once again.”

“The defence position based out of Nevada would eventually require me to transfer out of LA/NY after the Pandemic, and I would not be authorised to leave the US for three years,” she continued. I’d also have to sign a three-year job contract because such national defense-related occupations in the United States require a high level of security clearance and approvals, and they can’t have people in and out of work.”

“I have a lot of goodwill in Bollywood and Mumbai,” Tanushree Dutta continued in her post, “so I came back to India and will stay here for a while and will work on some exciting projects.” In terms of movies and web series, I’ve been getting some proposals from Bollywood. I’m currently in contact with three major South cinema producers who are pitching me for big-budget projects in the region, as well as 12 casting offices in Mumbai.

“There are prominent Industry bigwigs who are giving me silent assistance in the background as they know the truth and are my wellwishers,” Tanushree Dutta said in an endnote. I recently completed a commercial shoot in the beauty industry and announced my return to work. I’m looking terrific, regaining my sass after losing 15 kgs, and there’s a lot of excitement in the industry about my impending return to acting!

Tanushree Dutta appears to be stunning in the photo she posted with her post. Tanushree Dutta, the former Miss Universe, has made it known that she wants to return to Bollywood. Tanushree Dutta has appeared in a number of films, including Aashiq Banaya Aapne. But, after a while, she left Bollywood and relocated to the United States.

How did tanushree lose weight?


With hard work and commitment, the actress has reduced 18 kg in just 18 months. Tanushree expressed her fitness by saying “People believe this is unexpected, but nothing is unexpected. I’ve been trying to lose weight since September 2019 and have shed 18 kilogrammes in 18 months thanks to a lot of devotion and focus.”

Tanushree dutta Weight Loss

The actress says she decided to work on her body in 2019 after visiting a temple in Ujjain and fasting that day, after which she felt great and resolved to do it every Monday. “I felt great after the fast, so I started fasting every Monday. My body felt lighter, so I kept doing it and working out on a daily basis. When I noticed my weight was dropping, I hired a personal trainer to help me increase the intensity of my workouts.”

“Later, I modified my diet and eliminated carbs, sugar, and gluten from my diet, sticking to a soup, salad, and juice diet with one cheat day per week,” she continued. I dropped weight by alternating between weight training, intermittent fasting, yoga, swimming, and dancing courses.