8 Plus Size Television Actresses Who Have Proved That Size Doesn’t Matter, Talent Does


Our country is a place where, based on certain criteria, beauty is measured. You’re not’ BEAUTIFUL’ if you don’t come under those criteria. Some of these parameters of beauty are slim, fair and tall. Therefore, according to our beloved culture, you are not entitled to fall into the category of’ BEAUTIFUL’ if you are dusky, overweight or short.

In both Bollywood and Indian television industry, this trend of objectivizing on the basis of looks, height and color are quite clear. Those unrealistic expectations not only shame your body but also sideline your talent, choosing more skinny girls for lead roles, over beauties. But, by setting all new #beauty goals, some divas have redefined beauty! Such ladies are not slim, but they are talented, optimistic, fateful and beautiful! They made society loud and clear that curves are beautiful and sexy!

#1. Bharti Singh

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Indian TV’s laughter queen, Bharti Singh is one of the best comedians we’ve got. She’s more size and she’s totally confident of herself. While during her plays she makes fun of her weight, she is extremely pleased with the way she looks. She never tried to change herself, and that’s her best part. She also believes that her weight is a blessing.

Plus Size, Television Actresses , beauty , criteria, country , BEAUTIFUL,

“My weight has been steady for a long time. I go for a full-body check-up every six months. I have never had any weight problems. Main jab paida hui thi, tab hi overweight bachha thi. Plus, being a Punjabi, I enjoy eating. I have no plans to lose weight. Personally, my weight is my greatest blessing today.” She proved the saying-the heavier it is, the better it is! She’s definitely a talent-filled package.

2. Anjali Anand

Plus Size, Television Actresses , beauty , criteria, country , BEAUTIFUL,

In Indian television, Anjali Anand is a fresh face and we have to say she is extremely confident. She made her regular debut with Dhhai Kilo Prem, the Star Plus. The series is about an overweight couple, and Deepika, who is comfortable and content with her looks and weight, is playing the lead. She is also one of India’s most well-known plus-size models. Look at her face, her stunning features will offer a run for her money to any slim TV actress. She’s not the usual crying-fat girl who’s shy, introverted, or hiding. She is bold, optimistic, and glamor-speaking.

Plus Size, Television Actresses , beauty , criteria, country , BEAUTIFUL,

Talking about being plus size, Anjali said:

“It’s time to change this country’s view of different people. I’m proud to say that I don’t belong to the crowd, I’m six feet tall, my shoulders are a mile wide, and I love how I feel. I’m just a prototype. You’re putting on me a plus-size mark, curvy girl, etc., doesn’t change the fact I’m doing my job because that’s what I came here to do. Demeaning the way I look will only make this society a smaller person they are already if they are next to me.

She is surely breaking all the stereotypes, that too unapologetically!

3. Delnaz Irani

Delnaz Irani is one of TV and Bollywood’s most famous stars. For more than two decades now, she has entertained us with her amazing acting skills. This lady has been ignoring the societal norms of’ thin is beautiful’ for a very long time now and proving her mettle with her superb acting and beautiful looks in the glamorous world.

She was once quoted as saying:

“I’ve done it all with confidence, from posing for Shaina NC to a recent ramp walk for a plus-size fashion brand. If people look at me, I want them to see a dominant, optimistic, fat women who do all the things they associate with thin women. Yeah, I’m a size plus and I can climb the bridge. I’m a plus size and I can wear almost every trend in style.

4. Rytasha Rathore

Plus Size, Television Actresses , beauty , criteria, country , BEAUTIFUL,

She is a badass woman who never allows anyone to judge her based on her level of weight. She’s the small screen’s’ Bado Bahu’ and a really cool off-screen kid. She’s plus size, but it doesn’t stop her from wearing a bikini or shorts! This spunky lady is proud of her body, but the acceptance of her body took her some time.

Plus Size, Television Actresses , beauty , criteria, country , BEAUTIFUL,

Talking about the same, Rytasha said:

“It took me a long time to embrace my body and be comfortable with it. Of course from a health point of view, I realize I can lose weight, but just as an attractive aspect I know I’m damn cute, sexy and beautiful. I think things have changed for me after studying acting. It made me feel that I’m just going to be amazing no matter what and I shouldn’t listen to others.”