‘Thank God, Koi Feeling Nahi Aayi’: When Kirti Kulhari Spoke About Kissing Shefali Shah In ‘Human’

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Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari feature in the key roles in Human, a medical thriller. The show, directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, delves into the murky area of human medical studies.

“A pharma company is leveraging India’s loose clinical trial laws to fast accelerate the development of a new drug, despite lethal side effects,” according to the official synopsis of the show. Meanwhile, Dr Saira Sabharwal, 35, wins a dream appointment in Bhopal’s best hospital, where she will be mentored by the legendary 45-year-old Dr Gauri Nath.

Human Web series

Saira matures under Gauri’s guidance, and the two women begin to bond over their shared commitment to the medical cause. However, As their storey becomes interwoven with that of a young migrant worker, Mangu, who is all prepared to wreak havoc on the medical system, a surprising discovery throws their lives into upheaval.”

The show also includes a discussion of homos xuality, and Kirti is forced to share an intimate moment with Shefali. She talks about playing a ga y and having chemistry with the female lead actress in an interview with Hindustan Times.


When Kirti was asked about it, she stated, “In the show, our (Shefali and Kirti’s) hands contact at times, and there is also a kissing sequence. I mean, I’m an actress, so, of course, I’m up for it, but it’s still unusual to me. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s still odd for me to develop that connection with a woman, to truly offer the expressions I would if I were in love with a male. It’s a unique situation.”

She went on to say, “I did go from one location to the next. It was at that point that I realised no amount of preparation could have prepared me for it. I had to rewire myself to go beyond the idea of genders, and it was then that I realised it wasn’t about whether the person in front of me was a man or a woman, but about how I felt about them.”

“I think the most nervous person for the kissing moment was my director, Mozez Singh,” the actor remarked of filming the kissing scene in Human. “What if I kiss her and feel something, what if I become turned on?” was all I could think. That’ll be interesting; I’ll have to sit back and consider whether I’m also looking at ladies. That was the only thing I had at the time. We didn’t have any rehearsals. My director required us to do 8-10 takes in order to capture various angles of the kiss. We performed it the first time, and we were like, ‘OK,’ and I was relieved, thinking, ‘Thank God, koi sensation nahi aya (no feeling)’. Then Mozez reappeared and asked for more.

“After the first couple of takes, we went at it like robots,” she continued. S-x on screen, or kissing on screen, is exactly what it is. People are curious about it, but it is the most boring thing in the world. There is no privacy when there are 100 individuals present. ‘Action-cut, action-cut,’ says your director, and you’re at his mercy. Trust me, you don’t have time for feelings.” She further revealed that Shefali informed her that it was the first time she had kissed on camera.


She also emphasised how the show has let her see the world from a different perspective and understand it beyond genders.

“I moved beyond genders, which was a very freeing experience for me.” As a society, we’ve been programmed to believe that it’s always about men vs females. “Your gender determines so much,” she said.

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