The Reason Why Paris Jackson Removed Her 80+ Tattoos With Body Makeup For a Red Carpet Look


Paris Jackson made waves on the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards. However, it was the element that was absent from her appearance that captured people’s attention, not her attire. Fans and onlookers were intrigued to see that Paris appeared to be tattoo-free, despite having several tattoos. This raised concerns about her decision to keep them all hidden for the occasion.

The late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has a long history of tattoos. She has a wide variety of patterns, including passages from literature, chakra symbols, and Led Zeppelin-inspired motifs. She even tried her hand at tattooing herself on the foot in 2020, and she even has matching tattoos with many of her friends, including Cara Delevingne.

She looked amazing in a strapless black dress with daring cuts at the 2024 Grammy Awards, showing off her “magic trick” as all of her body art appeared to disappear. However, why did the singer and model decide to cover up all 80+ tattoos for a while?

The 25-year-old simply wanted to try something entirely new and unusual, and this was the solution. A hilarious video that was shared on Instagram asked, “Why did Paris cover her tattoos?” and featured voice-over footage of Kim Kardashian responding with the now-famous statement, “Because it’s iconic, and I love to do iconic things.”

But the air of mystery in her appearance is because of Cover Fx. The cosmetics brand teamed up with Jackson to make the astounding change, seizing the chance to demonstrate the quality of their products.

She nearly lost her identity throughout the transformation, which was overseen by celebrity makeup artist Tyson Fountaine. A time-lapse film shows the transformation come to life as the tattoos gradually fade off her hands, chest, and arms, providing an amazing before-and-after.

Red carpet events are renowned for exhibiting the best looks made by celebrities. However, because they attend these kinds of gatherings regularly, they must constantly come up with fresh approaches to dazzle everyone. In particular, Margot Robbie has gone above and above. Since playing Barbie, she has captivated audiences by bringing recognisable Barbie looks to life. It’s been fascinating to see!

Paris Jackson’s net worth

Estimates of Paris Jackson’s net worth vary, but most sources place it between $100 million and $150 million as of 2024.

Paris Jackson parents

Paris Jackson is the daughter of the iconic singer Michael Jackson and nurse Debbie Rowe. While Michael had full custody after their divorce, Paris maintained a close relationship with both parents. Though not biological, her father remained a deeply influential figure in her life until his passing in 2009.

Paris Jackson mom

Paris Jackson’s mom is nurse Debbie Rowe.

Paris Jackson’s biological father

While Paris Jackson was raised by and considered Michael Jackson her father, her biological father is not definitively known. Debbie Rowe, Michael’s second wife, conceived Paris through artificial insemination with an anonymous donor. Some speculations and claims have been made, but no DNA test has confirmed them, and Paris herself has not publicly addressed the topic.

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