As soon as the Tejas Express started, these passengers started troubling the train hostess


When Tejas left, there was a craze in it among the people. There was terrible enthusiasm among the people. Now people are doing such work that the railway is getting shocked by the Tejas passengers. Brother people are doing work like this. The first private train Tejas Express running between Delhi and Lucknow has been made World Class.

So what is the problem with this?

The problem has just started from here. In Tejas, there are train hostesses to serve passengers on the lines of airplanes. You would say that this happens on the plane too. Air hostess stays.

But unlike the air travelers, people are not behaving well with the hostesses engaged in the train passenger catering service. It is being told that while serving food or giving a welcome drink, the railway passenger bagger is taking a selfie of his permission. Making his video while working. Repeatedly pressing the call button on the seat bothers the hostess unnecessarily. Many travelers are not hesitating to ask for the mobile number of the hostess, going a step ahead.

Now the railway is taking feedback

Now the railways have thought that passengers will be taught well. Arrangements will be made on the train for the passengers that ‘the passengers are requested to treat the women staff civilly’. It is also being told that the railway is asking for feedback from the women staff of Tejas. And this is very bad. People are not leaving any chance to tease female staff. It is not that the entire train is filled with similar passengers, but according to the feedback given by the female staff, some changes can be made in the Tejas.

How to deal with mischievous travelers?

Now during the journey in the train, frequent announcements will be made to introduce the passengers to the hostess with civilization. Apart from this, there will be a request to not press the call button on the seat, again and again, do not make selfie or video of the hostess. During the journey, five IRCTC team officials will keep an eye on the passengers on the train. In a few days, the Railways is also going to bring a provision of punishment against mischievous passengers.