‘There Was A Career At Stake’ When Nagma Addressed Her Affair With Sourav Ganguly

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Cricket and Bollywood have always had a symbiotic relationship. The myth about affairs between cricketers and actors has always been grist for gossip, from rumours about stars from both worlds dating to some even marrying.

The rumour of a love affair between actress and politician Nagma and cricketer Sourav Ganguly generated quite a sensation in the late 1990s.

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Sourav Ganguly was married to Dona, and news of his developing closeness to Nagma became the talk of the town in 1999, two years after their wedding. According to a DNA storey, their affair had an impact on his marriage, and his wife was visibly unhappy with the situation.

Nagma and Sourav Ganguly met at the 1999 World Cup and were frequently seen together. The two never spoke about their relationship, but Nagma later spoke up about what transpired and why they eventually broke up in an explosive interview with Savvy. “No one has denied anything, no matter what they say.” “Anyone can say whatever they want as long as there is no denial of each other’s existence in each other’s lives,” she remarked.

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“There was a career at stake, among other things, so one had to part,” she joked about their ultimate split. Rather than being on an ego trip and insisting on being together, one had to examine a number of factors.” She further mentioned how she was held responsible for his poor performance because cricket fans are passionate about the sport.

Nagma also revealed that people had begun to blame her for Ganguly’s bad performance, claiming that sport is a sport and that people get carried away with it. “When it gets to be too much, it starts to damage one another’s interests.” Then, despite the fact that you’re intended to bring happiness into someone’s life, you gradually bring unhappiness. It’s therefore in their best interests for them to move on.” She astonished everyone on social media in 2020 when she wished him a happy birthday on his birthday.

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This was one love tale that didn’t end well, but we suppose that’s what happens when two mature people decide to look at the broader picture in life.