These 10 Things Are Very Common In South Korea But Strange For Rest Of The World


People who commit a crime here have to go through humiliation as they are compelled for recreating the scene with handcuffs. The whole act is watched and clicked by the media while people hurl abuses at criminals.

The distinctive land of South Korea offers great contrast as people here are superstitious but at the same time, they are quite updated with technology and more than 80% use the Internet. They have kept their old traditions alive; however, they are no less in terms of technological advancement. Nevertheless, there are certain things which differentiate South Korea from other parts of the globe.

In this article, we will talk about 10 things that are absolutely normal for South Koreans but the rest of the world finds strange!

1. Get fast food delivered to your doorstep

A number of South Korean restaurants and fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King deliver fresh food to your home via motorcycle drivers. Put dirty dishes outside the door after finishing the food and the driver will come later to get them.


2. About 30% of Korean women go for cosmetic surgery once in their lifetime.

As per reports, approximately 20-30% of South Korean women go under the knife and you might be more surprised to know that a few parents also gift double eyelid surgery to their daughters on their 16th birthday.

3. The connection between blood group type and personality

South Koreans mostly know their blood group and relate it to personality traits. In fact, many books and articles have been published to explain the compatibility between people of different blood group types and people date the one who’s compatible with their blood group type. Nevertheless, there’s no solid evidence to prove this compatibility.

4. Criminals are forced for recreating crime scenes

5. South Korean men and their love for makeup

It might come to you as a surprise that men in South Korea love to put on makeup and almost 20% of men do it regularly. The same is the reason that the market for men’s cosmetics is huge in South Korea. Korean guys look so polished all the time and the secret of their looks is perfect makeup.

6. South Korean people can sleep just anywhere

South Koreans have a surprising talent for sleeping or taking a power nap at any time anywhere. They are mostly workaholics and even students get usually only 4-5 hours of sleep so you must not be surprised if you spot a South Korean sleeping on a park bench, on the subway or even at a construction site.

7. Convenient stores serve as getting-together places as well

For a hangout with friends or get together, South Koreans don’t need to visit a restaurant or bar as convenience stores can be used for this purpose. One can easily find them on each street corner and the even happier thing is that they sell alcohol at cheap rates. You can even avail yourself of a table and chairs. What else does one need?

8. Couples are seen in similar dresses

South Korean couples wear the same dresses so that others get to know that they are dating. In local shops, one can easily find many pairs of shoes and dresses that are designed for young as well as old couples.

9. Uniform for kindergarten

In South Korea, there’s a uniform of certain colour even for kindergarten. This is necessary to make sure that children are not lost and can easily be spotted in the crowd during walks.

10. Pregnant women get support from the government

The government here gives a special credit card to pregnant women with $500 that they can use for medical aid. Pregnant women get special places for parking as well as different seats painted in pink colour on the subway so that others get to know about the expectant mother; it’s very helpful for women who are in the early stage of pregnancy.

In Korean clinics, uncommon aesthetic procedures are performed, such as the Snow White whitening injection for skin whitening and pigmentation removal. Additionally, they provide fillers to the cheekbones and nasal bridge regions.

The little fatty deposits under the eyes, known as aegyo-sal, are frequently requested by Korean men and women.

Do you know about more such things? Let us know.