10 Things From the Past That Paved the Way to the Present


Fashion trends are cyclical; they make their way to their height in success from their first appearance and then go down and gradually vanish. After many decades or even centuries, some of them could make a comeback. The key thing to remember is that, whether it’s in the next year or another century, we never know when they’ll make their unlikely return.

Bib collars

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A noisy comeback was made in 2020 by these particular oversized Victorian-style collars. This detail, in fact, is becoming an essential independent component of many outfits. The most famous are collars with embroidery, floral embossing, as well as ruffles, and lace.

It is easier to balance these big doll-like collars with something modest, calm, laconic, and elegant, such as classic trousers, high-waisted jeans, understated miniskirts, or a simple palette of one-color leather shorts. Among famous bloggers, you can see such design solutions.


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More and more actors are now using wigs for glamour shoots and for going out. If this accessory helped conceal dirty hair and bald patches earlier, today it’s a great remedy for those who want to improve their look and not torment their hair with extra hairspray, dye, and something else.

Men’s footwear with high heels

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It is difficult to believe, but modern men are beginning to wear high heels again. And it happens right at the moment it is meant to happen, during a period in which men shy away from conventional masculinity.

Historically, in fact, high heels are a fundamental element of men’s footwear. A modern aesthetic is known as Baroque gradually became dominant in all fields of visual culture in western countries in the first third of the seventeenth century, and high heels started to manifest themselves timidly in two variants. They first appeared as a practical detail of the boots, as fashion experts say, and got their firm place in military uniforms. It then became an integral part of the secular suits worn by no one.

Push-up bra

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What a push-up bra is, every modern woman knows. And, as it turns out, in ancient times, special inserts put over the breast region were used too!

Look at the push-up bra, for example, that the noble ladies of the beginning of the last century used. The breasts could be physically expanded by multiple sizes due to this, along with a corset.


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Hats of different types and colors have been sought-after for a very long time among the female population. This accessory is again gaining popularity today. And it seems like they have a lot in common with the kinds that used to be considered highly sexy a while back when looking at some of them.

Puff sleeves

Another pattern reemerging in our wardrobes is puff sleeves. This style, influenced by the Renaissance, has triumphantly returned to the catwalks of the world and the hearts of many fashion lovers. In addition to that, these sleeves look very feminine, do not restrict movement, and are very comfortable.


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Corsets have already begun to be used by fashion-mongers, not only as a body shape correcting tool but also as an individual feature. It can make it look tender and sophisticated to either a slim woman or a curvy girl. Today, not only for social occasions but also in daily life, corsets can be worn.


At the end of the nineteenth century, this bustle became popular. This is a pillow-shaped item to give the body more bulk, positioned under the back of a dress, below the waist. Today, some brands also sell skirts and dresses that visually widen the backside with special inserts.

Pink blush

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In the eighteenth century, noble ladies would use face powder and pink blush heavily on their cheeks. This shade is gaining more and more popular today and is thought to offer a youthful, refreshing glow to the skin. Moreover, peach blush can also be used safely as an eyeshadow.


It is known for certain that in the seventeenth century, mules were worn. Not so long ago, designers wanted to use this form of footwear again, and today, this type of shoe has a lot of different types. Mules are considered to be relaxed and showy by many people.

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