20 Things That Are Normal To Indians But Freaking Weird For Foreigners


Each country on the earth has surely its own traditions, habits, or culture that it is quite proud of, yet these same traditions, habits, or culture appear strange to others in their environment. India follows the same logic. We must all agree on one thing: India is without a doubt one of the world’s most unique countries. It astonishes us with its lively contrasts, draws us in with its traditions and culture, and remains a mystery to most tourists.

We’ve compiled a list of a few things that Indians do that foreigners find bizarre.

1. In India, seniors are honoured by caressing their feet and receiving blessings. It will be strange to anyone who is not from India.


2. Addressing everyone we meet as aunty and uncle.


3. Cleaning up after a bowel movement with water rather than toilet paper. We don’t have a paper-based culture.


4. Including songs in the middle of films that are unrelated to the plot.


5. In India, a single language can have a variety of dialects, all of which could coexist within a few kilometres.


6. We all live with our parents here, and we don’t believe we’ll need to leave when we turn 18 years old.


7. Indian-style toilets, which are actually western-style toilets, are not very common here, although I’m sure they’re used.


8. There is a habit of photographing random outsiders.


9. It is extremely normal here to use old garments as rags for cleaning the house by cutting and shredding them.


10. Calling your boss sir/madam.


11. A foreigner will not understand the bride’s sister snatching the groom’s shoes at the wedding.


12. Using a lot of coconut oil on your hair.


13. Adults in India believe WWE is a legitimate sport.


14. Students who acted as if they were better than everyone else in science class.


15. Making your own version of Chinese dish by incorporating Indian flavours.


16. Having your math teacher take over your games or your free time is something that only Indian students have experienced.


17. Prohibition of alcohol consumption on national holidays. The other countries, on the other hand, simply want their citizens to unwind and enjoy during national holidays.


18. In India, fairness creams are still popular.


19. Daily soap operas that have been on the air for more than 15 years and are still going strong!


20. Arresting journalists appears to be one of the commonplace things that the Indian people have come to tolerate.