10+ Things We Didn’t Know We Have Been Using Wrong


You may have been misusing the blue button on your hairdryer, or your travel pillow may not have been particularly pleasant. This is because we don’t always know how to utilize some products correctly, and learning how to do so will make things a lot easier for everyone.

Travel cushions should be placed in front, as this is more comfortable.


The lines on the Solo plastic cups are used to determine the size of a serving.

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Use a staple remover to add a new key to your key rings. It will be easier to slide your new key on if you wedge it between the coils.


“It took me 15 years of driving to understand there is a gas cap holder.”

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“On hairdryers, the blue button isn’t for cooling down when you become hot… it’s for arranging your hairstyles.”

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Break the elongated packages in half just above the cup. It’ll be easier to get the sugar out, and there won’t be any paper strewn about.

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“Those rectangular Chinese takeout holders can be turned into plates.”

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The two-sided cotton pads can be used for a variety of purposes. The soft side is used to take off makeup. The embossed side is used to scrape off nail polish.

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The loops on the shopping carts are for hanging bags once you’ve passed through the checkout. This will allow you to have additional space inside the cart.

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A padlock’s bottom hole is used to pour motor oil or any other sort of oil if the lock becomes stuck.

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You’ve probably used the wrong plunger for the job. A cup with a soft flap is included with the toilet plunger.

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This is the appropriate way to keep and extend the life of your Mac charger.

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Which of these appeared to be the most unexpected? Which one would you start doing on a daily basis? Do you know of any other goods that may be used in a different way to increase productivity?