10 Times People Brought Their Old Photos to Life


According to experts, having nostalgic thoughts is actually good for our well-being. But, what if we try to replicate them instead of merely thinking about good memories? Several artists on the internet have done exactly that, and we’re in love with the performance.

1. “Recreating a very special moment. Third-trimester love.”

bindisueirwin / Instagram

2. I saw the apron while shopping and decided to remake a Christmas memory, 23 years apart.

© Deeplight / Reddit

3. There are about 20 years between these two photographs of my mom and me. I was painting her face, she was painting mine.

© hanwestwood / Reddit

4. “Some things never change.”

elizawatts / Reddit

5. A recreation that we did for our Nana’s photo album

© hanwestwood / Reddit

6. “My father was holding me as a child, and I was holding my newborn son.”

 DasMech / Reddit

7. “Over the weekend, my sister got married, so we recreated this gem of our childhood.”

© DominicOH / Reddit`

8. “Twenty-six-year recess. My twin and me, on our 30th birthday. Our most awkward photo.

 _mcmanus_/ Reddit

9. “My family Christmas photo recreated 20 years later.”

 NateTrib / Reddit

10. For my Nana’s 80th birthday, my younger brother and I recreated some more memories from 2000.

 hanwestwood / Reddit

Preview photo credit bindisueirwin / Instagram