Top 10 Adult Web Series In India Watch Online (March 2024)


Top 10 Adult Web Series: In India, there were far fewer people watching these types of online content before 2015. However, the number of individuals in India who watch online shows has significantly expanded since Jio’s inception. Most Indians now choose to watch films and television episodes online.

Numerous web series and online shows are now released weekly in India as a result of this transformation. In India, the worth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Prime, and MX Player has soared. New shows and web series are now released in India each month. Every month in India, new web series are released in every genre.

Top 10 Adult Web Series In India (March 2024)

The top 10 hottest web series that have been released in India up to this point are described below. These web series all fall within the 18+ and adult categories.

1. Mastram 2020 (Mx player web series)

One of the most popular online series in India is Mastram, which was published on Mx Player. Mastram will be made available on the MX Player app in 2019. The fact that you can watch this web series on MX player for free is its biggest feature.

Mastram’s tale was inspired by a storyteller by the name of “Rajaram.” Rajaram is a talented author. However, few people seem to be interested in his story, and no publisher seems willing to publish it. After that, Rajaram used the pen name Mastram and began penning love stories. His tales were well received, and he rose to the position of supreme author.

2. Charmsukh jane anjane mein (ullu web series)

The Ullu app’s most popular web series is “Charmsukh Jane Anjane mein.” This web series is a part of Charmsukh, a well-known franchise created by Ullu.

A father-in-law and daughter-in-law’s romance is the subject of the movie “Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein.” Jinnie Jaaz, a well-known ullu actor, portrayed the part of the daughter-in-law in this web serial. This online series is available on the ullu App.

3. Gandii baat (Altbalaji web series)

Because of the Gandhi Baat web series, you may be familiar with the ALTBalaji app. In India, the number of users of Altbalaji has dramatically increased since the publication of the “Gandii Baat” web series.

The Gandii Baat online series has six seasons so far. There are 4-5 episodes per season, each with a distinct plot.

4. Charmsukh Chawl House (ullu web series)

The ullu App’s second-best online series is Charmsukh Chawl House. In this online series, actress “Sneha Paul,” who played the title part, shot to fame. In this online series, Sneha is quite similar.

The narrative of the Charmsukh Chawl House takes place in a Mumbai chawl where Renu and her family reside. One day, Renu’s husband’s cousin visits them and stays with them for a few days. Renu and her husband’s cousin begin to fall in love and satiate their whims.

The web series Charmsukh Chawl Home has three seasons to date. The Ullu app has enjoyed great success with each season. Every season of Chawl has featured Sneha Paul in the lead position.

5. Rajni Kaand 2022 (Cineprime Web Series)

The finest online series on the Cineprime app is Rajni Kaand. This web series is the main factor in the Cineprime app’s popularity. This web series has so far had two seasons. The second season of Rajni Kaand has achieved the same fame as its debut season.

The protagonist of Rajni Kaand is a homemaker whose husband loses his job. Rajni works at a company to manage her home. Rajni grows on the office manager, who hires her as his secretary. Watch the Rajni Kaand online series to find out what will happen next. Rajni, the main character in this web series, was portrayed by Ridhima Tiwari.

6. Yes Mam 2023 (Hunters Web Series)

The Hunters app, a new OTT app in India, has gained popularity there. The first online series of the Hunters app, yes mam, is the main factor in its popularity. The popularity of this online series has been high.

Yes, ma’am, the story takes place in a new, cutting-edge college where a new biology instructor is hired. Because this teacher is so attractive and hot, all the college boys are smitten with her. Watch the web series Yes, Ma’am to find out what will happen next. This online series has Bharti Jha and Kamalika Chanda, two well-known actors, in the key roles.

7. Mrs Teacher 2022 (Primeshots Web Series)

One of the well-known Prime Shots app web series is Mrs Teacher. This web series has so far had three seasons. Every season was incredibly popular. The primary actress of the Mrs Teacher web series, Aliya Naaz, is mostly to blame for its popularity. In this web series, Aliya has captured the hearts of viewers with her sizzling and s*xy performance.

The protagonist of Mrs. Teacher is a boy named Rohit who struggles to do well in school. Rohit’s father arranges for him to attend classes at Sabina, a private tutor. Rohit is trained by Sabina so that he begins to excel in school.

8. Palangtod Siskiyaan 2022 (Ullu Web Series)

One of the most popular web series on the ullu app is Palangtod Siskiyan. Noor Malabika, who plays the lead part in this web series, has gained a lot of fame as a result of it. There have been three seasons of Siskiyan so far, and the viewers have enjoyed each one.

The narrative of Vikas and his wife Renu is found in Palangtod Siskiyaan. Accidentally, Renu’s father-in-law suffers paralysis, which causes. Renu tends to her father-in-law’s needs and develops a s*xual relationship with him.

9. Mami No. 1 2022 (Cineprime Web Series)

One of the well-known online series on the Cineprime app is Mami No. 1. This is the tale of Rinku, a little child who resides with his parents. One day, Rinku’s parents take a little trip out of town.

His mother stays at his home to care for Rinku. As Rinku grows to like his mami, he begins to satisfy his s*xy desires with her. The principal character of Mami in this web series was played by well-known actress Pallavi Debnath.

10. Doraha 2023 (Ullu Web Series)

One of the best current online series is Doraha. Since appearing in the ullu app’s web series for the first time, Bharti jha has become a household name. Bharti Jha currently appears in every second web series. The tale of newlyweds Ratna and Shekhar is told in Doraha. On the day of his honeymoon, Shekhar departs from Ratna and travels to a different city.

The morning brings the news of this to Shekhar’s family. Ratna is astonished to hear this because she had her wish granted to a man in the middle of the night. She spent the night with Vivek, Shekhar’s brother, and Ratna later found out.

Vivek and Ratna begin a s*xual relationship. After Vivek gets married, Ratna continues her studies by herself. Shekhar returns abruptly to his home one day. You can watch the web series Doraha to find out what will happen next.