Top 10 Places To Visit In Jaipur – The Pink City


If you really love to visit and see those places which have been of rulers of the bygone era then Jaipur will be the perfect place for you. Jaipur has a lot of forts and spectacular architecture. you will be completely mesmerized after seeing the flamboyant lifestyle of the old king and another ruler of that city. Go ahead and check out the top 10 places to visit in the Jaipur – the pink city.

1. City Palace

If you are in Jaipur city then you must visit the city palace. It was built by Sawai Jai Singh II between 1729 and 1732 AD. The palace complex includes Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. Chandra Mahal has been converted into a museum.

Tickets Price: A Palace view would cost 100 INR for Indians and 500 INR for overseas tourists. A museum visit would cost 130 INR for Indians and 900 INR for overseas tourists.

Opening Timings: Open all days from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Duration Time: 1-2 hours.

2. Amber Fort

Amber Fort is built by Raja Mansingh in the year 1592. It was later extended by Raja Jai Singh I. The red sandstone and marble stone architecture reflects a blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture.

Tickets Price: 25 INR for Indians and 200 INR for other nationalities.

Opening Timings: Open all days from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Duration Time: 1.5-2 hours.

3. Nahargarh Fort

It is built as a protective fort on the Aravali Ranges, Nahargarh Fort is a grand fort overlooking Amer and Jaipur.  The central appealing here apart from the views are the twelve queen boudoirs which are well connected and decorated with beautiful murals.

Tickets Price: 85 INR for Overseas Tourists and 35 INR for Indians.

Opening Timings: It open all days from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

Duration Time: 1-1.5 hour.

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4. Jaigarh Fort

It is well known as the Fort of Victory, Jaigarh Fort houses the world’s largest cannon, Jaivana. It was built as a protective fort and was used to house weapons and other artillery. Back then, this fort was the main representative of the military prowess of Rajputs.

Tickets Price: 200 INR for Overseas Tourists and 50 INR for Indians.

Opening Timings: Open all days from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Duration Time: 45 min.

5. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is a must visit place in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal constructed by Maharaja Sawal Pratab Singh in 1799. True to the name it earned as the ‘Palace of the Winds’, Hawa Mahal has 953 windows to provide ventilation. it is said that the Mahal was constructed to enable the Royal women of the Rajput family to view the happenings in the city.

Tickets Price: 50 INR for Overseas Tourists and 10 INR for Indians.

Opening Timings: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Duration Time: 0.5-1 hour.

6. Jal Mahal


Jal Mahal is situated in the middle of Mansagar Lake. Jal Mahal was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in the 18th century, as a hunting lodge and summer retreat.

Tickets Price: 50 INR for Overseas Tourists and 10 INR for Indians.

Opening Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (restricted access).

Duration Time: 1-2 hours.

7. Jantar Mantar Observatory

Jantar Mantar was Built during the period of Maharaja Jai Singh II. It is ranked amongst the largest observatories of the world. His keen interest in astronomy drove him to construct the country’s largest observatory. The geometric devices available here are used in measuring time, observing constellations and orbits around the biggest star.

Tickets Price: 40 INR for Indians and 200 INR for other nationalities.

Opening Timings: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Duration Time: 0.5-1 hour

8. Pink City Bazaars

Pink City” is basically shopper’s paradise with a lot of shops selling plenty of things. Pink City Bazaars are made up of four main bazaars–Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Kishanpole Bazaar, and Tripolia Bazaar. Each bazaar is famous for different things like Johari Bazaar is known for precious gemstones, Bapu Bazaar for Jaipur textile goods, Nehru Bazaar for Jootis and Kishanpole for wooden sculptures.

Tickets Price: No entry fee.

Opening Timings: Open all seven days except Sunday (a part of the bazaar is closed) from 11 am to 10 pm.

Duration Time: Depends on the visitor’s pace and can take up to 5 hours.

9. Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum is a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic style architecture. Named after the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward and completed in the year 1887, this museum is one of India’s oldest center for art and culture research.

Tickets Price: 40 INR for Indian visitors and 300 INR for Abroad visitors with special discounts for students is also available.

Opening Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm & 7.00 to 10.00 pm (Daily). It remains closed on particular maintenance days in the months of October to March (Last Tuesday) and April to September (Every Monday).

Duration Time: 1-2 hours.

10. Galtaji

Galtaji or Khole Ke Hanuman Ji is an important Hindu pilgrimage center. The temple is enclosed by hilly ranges filled with vegetation and natural springs which fill up seven sacred kunds (water tanks).

Tickets price: No fee.

Opening Timings: Open on all days (5:00 am – 9:00 pm).

Duration Time: 45 min.

11. Birla Temple

This Laxmi Narayan temple is one of the many Birla temples beautifying India’s cityscape. Built completely from white marble, Birla Temple Jaipur is visited by tourists from all over the world for its beautiful architecture, carvings and the stunning idol of Laxmi Narayan.

Tickets Price: No fee.

Opening Timings: Open on all days (5 am-11.30 am & 4-8 pm).

Duration Time: 0.5-1 hour.

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