8 Underwear Mistakes You May Be Making


The majority of people do not change their underwear as frequently as they should. Some have even admitted to wearing the same pair of pants for two days or longer. But, aside from re-wearing your skivvies before cleaning them, there are a few additional underwear blunders that most of us make without realizing it.

You’re dressed in lace slacks.

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Although lace underwear may appear to be more attractive than cotton underwear, wearing it poses some major health hazards. Lace and other synthetic materials absorb perspiration quickly and aren’t breathable, making the intimate area an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, skin irritation and infections are possible. If you don’t like cotton underwear, make sure that at least the crotch of your pants is lined with cotton, since this can help avoid yeast infections.

You’re going to the gym in the incorrect undergarments.

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Most likely, you spend far more time selecting stylish gym gear than ensuring that your underwear is appropriate for an exercise. It’s best not to size down when it comes to underwear because tight skivvies trap moisture and can cause skin discomfort. It’s preferable to use underwear made of natural fibres that don’t restrict your movement. After an exercise, remember to change your underwear because vaginal discharge and sweat can irritate your private regions.

You put them in the dryer to dry.

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The easiest way to dry your underwear is to put them in the dryer, however, this can shorten the life of your delicates. Heat degrades the fabric and causes it to shrink, leaving you with droopy and shapeless underwear. It’s preferable to hang your underwear to dry, and because they’re little, they won’t take long.

You’re washing your clothes using scented detergent.

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Using a detergent that makes your skivvies smell like roses is another underwear error you can be making while washing your laundry. Artificial fragrances in your detergent can cause rashes and allergic reactions, as well as itchiness and irritation in your private regions. Because the skin around this area is more sensitive, a fragrance-free hypoallergenic detergent is preferable.

You’re dressed incorrectly for your body type.

Just because a particular kind of underwear is fashionable or attractive does not imply it will be suitable for you. Not only may ill-fitting underwear cause unsightly pan_tylines, but it can also lead to skin disorders and urinary tract infections.

You’re wearing shapewear.

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Although Spanx can make you look great in a dress, if you use them frequently, they can create major health problems. Shapewear compresses your body and increases the strain on your bladder, requiring you to use the restroom more frequently. It also causes nerve compression, which can result in long-term pain in the worst-case situation.

You go to bed wearing only your underpants.

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It’s better to go commando than to sleep with your underpants on when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. Your body craves a vacation from underpants, and studies show that doing so is good for your skin and can even help you lose weight.

You opt for a pair of underwear with raised seams.

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Although many small features, such as lace and frills along the seams, add to the cuteness of your skivvies, seamless underwear is better for your skin. Tight elastic bands can irritate and rub the skin, and if the irritations are severe enough, scarring may result.

Are you making any of the following underwear blunders? Is there anything else you’d like to add to this list?

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