8 Unique People With Extraordinary Looks


With their appearance, some individuals are not afraid to produce daring experiments that cause all kinds of reactions in society: some consider them insane while others admire their eccentricity.

1. Monami Frost


This girl is a well-known model and video blogger from Latvia with countless tattoos. At the age of 14, she got her first tattoo and they have since been a part of her life.

Monami identifies herself with the subculture of the straight edge, which means that she does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, and usually rejects addictive drugs.

2. Andrey Bartenev


The Russian artist, fashion designer, and maker of immersive installations and performances are Andrey Bartenev (here is one of them). More than once, his works have been displayed in the largest museums.

Andrey also selects clothing that is really exceptional. He says he dresses and lives in accordance with his imagination. His presence typically incites friendly curiosity, but there have been cases of friendly curiosity,

3. Beth Ditto


Beth is the lead singer of the band Gossip, who, with this hit, shook the world. She described herself as “fat,” but she accepts her own look.

Beth is considered an odd character for having the nerve to act in bold and provocative dresses, and if you have any extra weight, she wonders why you are supposed to dress modestly and lie low.

4. Baddie Winkle


Hard to believe, but this lady is eighty-nine years old. Baddie Winkle is bold enough to dress and make the most of her life very, very brightly. The most famous brands are trying to work with her. And all began with the decision of her great-granddaughter to create an Instagram account for her fashionable great-grandmother.

5. Luis Padron

This young Argentinean, chasing his dream to look like an elf, spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Luis Padron has been fascinated with the fantasy world since he was a boy, so he wants to look as dainty and ephemeral as this magical being.

Internet onlookers wonder whether he has a mental illness or whether his dream is simply being pursued.

6. Elayne Angel


We generally think, “It’ll pass with age,” seeing someone with piercing and tattoos. Elayne Angel is 57, but she has no intention of “settling down.” She decorates her body with tattoos and shaves her head clean.

Elayne is one of the world’s most famous masters of piercing, and she still does the work she loves.

7. Melynda Moon

Like Luis Padron, Melynda Moon, a young Canadian, decided to take on the part of an elf. She didn’t go to great lengths, though: she just had surgically pointy ears herself.

Melynda says that when she’s around, children adore her and act very well: they know that elves will tell Santa if they’ve been naughty.

8. Angelica Kenova

© instagram.com/russian_barbie

A real-life Barbie doll, the Russian model Angelica Kenova: not only does she share her attributes, but she also lives with her parents who don’t let her go out on dates. She practices a strict diet and exercise regimen to preserve her figure, working out for 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week. That clearly helps: Angelica looks beautiful, given that she has never had plastic surgery before.

Preview photo credit instagram/russian_barbie