Unusual Facts About the World That You Probably Won’t Find in the Encyclopedia


A planet is a wonderful place. Just when it appears you’ve seen it all, with something different, it shocks you. When we see them from an odd perspective, even ordinary things often turn our lives upside down. It turns out, for example, that 1/10 of the world’s gold reserves belong to Indian housewives, and there are people from a village who have a sleeping sickness that causes them to sleep for a whole week! How are we going to get this disease?

  • Steven Spielberg wanted to direct a film from James Bond, but he was rejected. So he expressed his dilemma with his friend George Lucas, who said he had an idea, even better, of how to make a James Bond movie. That’s how Indiana Jones came into being.
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  • Baby elephants use their trunks just like human babies suck a pacifier.
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  • 1/10 of the world’s gold reserves belongs to Indian housewives. This is more than the U.S., Switzerland, and Germany has combined.
  • In 1982, a man managed to sneak into Buckingham Palace. He ate cheddar for 30 minutes and walked around the place. After sitting on the throne and drinking half a bottle of wine, he left.
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  • Vineyard holders created strongly concentrated grape juice called “grape bricks” during the prohibition in the U.S. They had to make sure that they didn’t use grapes to make wine to avoid going to jail. That’s why the bricks are sold with a note on them that the solution shouldn’t be kept in a dark cool place for 21 days after the brick was dissolved in water. Isn’t that a perfect marketing ploy?
  • Kalachi, Kazakhstan’s inhabitants have an unusual sleep disorder. People feel tired and sleepy, and for the whole week, some of them even fall asleep. Most researchers in this village conducted studies, but they did not find out what was the explanation for this extraordinary phenomenon.
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  • Apples picked 6-12 months ago that we buy in stores. These are kept in special refrigerators with very small levels of oxygen before they’re in stores so they don’t lose their look.
  • There’s an episode of “Mythbusters” no one’s ever going to see. The makers created a very powerful explosive using recycled materials and they quickly removed the episode once they realized the possible consequences and alerted the police that criminals could use the effects of this test for their own purposes.
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  • Atoms are an empty space of 99.99999999%. When you put together all the people of the world and eliminated every empty space from them, the size of an orange would be humanity.