6 Unusual Requirements That Nannies Hired by Celebrities Have to Meet


Being a celebrity nanny can seem to be a pipe dream. Travelling with your favourite singer or actress and their family sounds fascinating, and you’ll most definitely have interesting stories to share with your mates. However, it is not all roses and sunshine in this work. People who want to apply for this job must pass a series of extremely difficult tests and meet several unusual qualifications.

1. They must have prior experience

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Nanny recruiters in Hollywood search for applicants that are over the age of 35 as one of the first things they look for. This is because celebrities do not want to employ a girl who comes into their homes looking for attention rather than concentrating on taking care of their children. All they want is an accomplished person who knows how to handle children, without any hassles or problems with their application.

2. They must always be available

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A nanny in Hollywood must be willing to adjust and adapt her schedule to whatever strategy the parents have in mind, no matter how irregular it may be. For example, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had various criteria for the woman who worked for them. They required that she have a bachelor’s degree and speak at least two languages (including the mother tongue of the stars’ adopted children). Finally, one of the most significant requirements was the ability to fly across the United States and Europe.

3. They must be ready for ultra-specific demands

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If you are one of the few women who can secure one of these positions, be prepared to face a slew of special requirements, some of which you will quickly discover is extremely complex. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, instructs her nanny to replenish a particular shower gel and facial cleanser in her children’s personal showers regularly. Instead of purchasing a large quantity of all of these items at once, she must inspect each one regularly and replace only those that have absolutely run out.

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4. They must be ready to run when the paparazzi arrive

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When celebrities arrive anywhere, or even at an unexpected moment, paparazzi can be seen rushing toward them to ask a slew of questions. Depending on the celebrity for whom you serve as a nanny, you might be asked to take a step back and let them talk, or even to leave for a while. This is because many actors want to appear as if they can do it all: maintain a hectic schedule, film movies, do charity work, and raise their children on their own. What the media says about them puts them under a lot of pressure, and they don’t want to take on more than they have to.

5. They’re not allowed to use phones

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Getting distracted is something that is strictly prohibited in this work. This is something Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s six nannies will testify to. For example, they are not permitted to use their phones when at work during the day. They should be shot if they are found using one.

6. They must be ready for a thorough background check

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If you apply for a nanny job in Hollywood, you should expect a thorough screening process. It’s almost as if you were recruited to work for the secret service! The entire procedure can take a long time, during which celebrities recruit a vetting team worthy of a spy film. This is what happens, for example, with the Not Just Baby Sitters agency, which ensures a nanny’s dependability is always above and above perfection

Being a nanny for a celebrity’s children is not a luxurious life, but it can be a thrilling adventure. Which celebrity would you work for if you could? What do you think it would be like to live with him or her?

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