Victoria’s Secret Officially Replaces The Angels With Athletes, Activists, And Actors


Victoria’s Secret has said farewell to its Angels and invited sportsmen, actors, and campaigners to take their place as the lingerie brand’s new ambassadors. On June 16th, the fashion retailer, which is known for using models to promote collections and walk in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, revealed the redesign with a new campaign dubbed VS Collective.

Megan Rapinoe, a professional soccer player and gender equality advocate, Eileen Gu, a Chinese American skier, Priyanka Chopra, and even LGBTQ model Valentina Sampaio, the first transgender model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, are among the seven women chosen to join the “VS Collective.” More women are expected to join, as it turned out.

Victoria’s Secret’s latest campaign, “VS Collective,” is based on a growing network of accomplished women who share a desire to make a difference.


This new initiative is touted as “an ever-growing community of outstanding women who share a common passion for pushing positive change,” according to a news release. Its specific goals include developing innovative associate programmes, revolutionary product lines, captivating and motivating content, and rallying support for women’s issues. This will be used in marketing campaigns as well as on the brand’s Instagram account.

Megan Rapinoe is a part of the new campaign, which will highlight breakthrough product ranges and gather support for women’s concerns.


Similarly, some of the aforementioned goals will be included in shared stories on a brand-sponsored podcast produced by new collective member photographer Amanda de Cadenet. The shift is also part of the brand’s endeavour to break from the shadow of its previous self when aesthetics seemed to be linked with unachievable beauty standards that excluded the great majority of women while simultaneously objectifying them for men’s amusement.

Victoria’s Secret will be able to escape from the shadow of its former self, where the vast majority of women were excluded.


However, the brand has apparently lost a substantial amount of market share in recent years. It has struggled to gain traction with a younger generation that is more interested in gender-neutral undergarments than crystal-encrusted Fantasy Bras. It was a popular show on network television for years, but it was cancelled in 2019. This occurred as the winter special’s popularity waned.

The VS Global Fund for Women’s Cancers was also announced by the brand. This will aid in the funding of disease research.


The VS Global Fund for Women’s Cancers, on the other hand, was announced by the brand. This intends to fund illness research while simultaneously encouraging the work of female scientists who are younger. Similarly, a $5 million annual award will be made to investigate and remedy racial and gender disparities, as well as to uncover innovative ideas that enhance cancer outcomes for all women.