[Video] Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal for Admiring Kritika, Fans Demand Justice


Since entering the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house, Armaan Malik and his wives Payal and Kritika Malik have garnered much attention. At first, their unusual family dynamics piqued the interest of spectators, but others have vocally condemned their polygamous lifestyle. For those who do not know, polygamy is the practice of a single person having several spouses.

Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal Pandey for Admiring Kritika Malik

Netizens Condemn This Act of Arman Malik and Demand Armaan Malik’s Eviction

Many people online were outraged by the video and condemned Armaan’s behaviour. Some commenters demanded that Armaan be removed from the show because of his violent behaviour, while others said that Armaan misinterpreted Vishal’s remarks.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Weekend ka Vaar Guest List

Payal Malik and Shivangi Khedkar are scheduled to appear as guests on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, according to a recent Jio Cinema teaser. While Payal confronts Vishal about his plans for Kritika, Shivangi chastises Chandrika for disseminating untrue stories about Sai.