Virat Kohli’s “Chicken Tikka” Post Stuns Social Media As He Is A Vegetarian. But, There’s A Catch


Indian cricket great Virat Kohli, who gave up meat a few years ago due to health concerns, shocked followers on Instagram lately by posting a video of himself chowing down on “mock chicken tikka.” The seeming paradox first baffled a lot of people, but some overlooked a crucial fact.

Kohli has previously revealed that he became a vegetarian because of a cervical spine problem brought on by an overabundance of uric acid produced by his body.
His peak fitness has been sustained by his dedication to a plant-based diet.

He was seen enjoying “mock chicken tikka” in the Instagram story, which made it clear that it was a plant-based, soy-derived substitute that complied with his vegetarian diet.

What is Mock Chicken Tikka?

Examining the idea of “Mock Chicken Tikka,” which uses soy in place of regular chicken to depart from the original rendition. Various soy-based vegetarian substitutes for meat products have been developed over time.

The complex tastes and textures of these alternatives frequently make it difficult for people to discern between the conventional and plant-based forms. It’s crucial to remember that the “mock” versions of chicken products, such as “Chicken Tikka,” are wholly soy-based.

Why and When Did Virat Kohli Turned Vegetarian?

Health issues during the 2018 England Test series led to Kohli’s decision to become a vegetarian. He was experiencing symptoms related to acidity, including tingling feelings in his hand and a cervical spine issue brought on by high uric acid.

He made the important decision to cut out meat from his diet to address this. When Kohli looked back on the life-changing experience, he said that it had greatly enhanced his energy and general well-being.

He stated.