‘Creepy’: A Woman Slammed After Kissing Virat Kohli’s Statue at Madame Tussauds


According to reports, a video that depicts a lady manhandling Virat Kohli’s statue has gone viral, but not for the right reasons.

A woman is seen kissing cricketer Virat Kohli’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds in the widely shared video. People began criticising the unidentified woman as soon as the video appeared on social media.

Virat Kohli’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds

People’s perspectives on the incident vary, ranging from saying VK should lodge a case to tagging starlet Anushka Sharma.

A user wrote, “Gosh, this is so creepy.”

As a video of a Virat Kohli fan kissing the cricketer’s wax statue at the Madame Tussauds exhibition went viral, she came under fire. She can be seen in the video grinning while kissing the monument on the lips. Since then, the video has received a lot of negative feedback, with many commenters stating that the woman’s gesture was inappropriate and “creepy.” “. “It’s disgusting and incredibly creepy, “Tweeted one Twitter user.

Anushka Sharma was frequently mentioned in the quote tweets, and many of them seemed worried about how she would respond.

Another said, “वीके should file a case.”

Do you believe the woman went too far? Actor Aditya Roy Kapur recently had a like circumstance, but in person. After agreeing to take a photo with her, a fan attempted to kiss him forcibly. A woman joined a few other fans to grab pictures with the star in a video that a paparazzo uploaded. She attempted to kiss him on the cheek after the photo was shot. She tried to kiss him again as Aditya managed to break free.

While a third person tweeted, “It’s a privilege only for ladies.”

Speaking of admiring superstars too much and acting inappropriately, Virat addressed invasion of privacy last year after a fan posted a video of the cricketer’s hotel room online. The video provided an in-depth look into all of his accessories, shoes, kitchen items, and personal possessions.

A fourth user tagged @AnushkaSharma and wrote, “Look into this, There is something to spoil your mood today.” 


“I realise that fans feel very thrilled and enthusiastic seeing their favourite players and become excited to meet them, and I’ve always enjoyed that,” Virat wrote after posting the video on Instagram. Nonetheless, this video is disgusting, and it has left me feeling quite anxious about my privacy. Where can I truly expect any personal space if I can’t even have it in my hotel room? This kind of fanaticism and blatant breach of privacy is NOT acceptable to me.” He asked people to respect individuals’ privacy and not view them as “commodities for entertainment” as he concluded his statement “.