12 Voices Behind Our Favorite Cartoons


Acting as a voice for a cartoon character is a unique experience. Even if we don’t see the performers’ true faces when we watch an animated film, we can still recognise them by their voice, accent, and gestures.

12. Dracula: Hotel Transylvania

© sonypicturesanimation, © adamsandler/instagram

Adam Sandler was widely regarded as the ideal choice for a humorous Dracula. Sandler’s speech is practically indistinguishable due to his Transylvanian accent, but his gestures and phrasing have made Dracula indisputably Sandler’s work.

11. Olaf: Frozen

© Disney, © joshgad/instagram

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, the cheerful snowman who wishes to see summer, almost didn’t make it into the film. His childhood goal of appearing in a Disney film would have been shattered. But we’re grateful he was the one who finally got to play Olaf.

10. Po: Kung Fu Panda

© dreamworksanimation, © jackblack/nstagram

Jack Black confesses that playing Po is his favourite part in the movie. Playing Po, he added, was like playing a younger version of himself. Black has a natural talent for acting, which is partly why Po is so endearing and appealing.

9. Dory: Finding Dory

© Disney, © theellenshow/instagram

“Just keep swimming,” says Ellen DeGeneres, who is a big fan of the little blue fish’s mantra. Because of its sophistication, she believes that this film is appropriate for both children and adults. Isn’t it difficult to forget this forgetful character?

8. Maui: Moana

© Disney, © therock/instagram

The part of Maui, a powerful charismatic demi-god, was sold to Dwayne Johnson. He noted that he grew up reading stories about the legendary Maui, and that the character had a profound connection to his Samoan background. His sense of humour and eyebrow motions are shared by the character.

7. Rosita: Sing

© universalpictures, © reesewitherspoon/instagram

Reese Witherspoon provides the voice of the endearing pink piggy in the blockbuster animated film Sing. Reese admitted that she was unsure about her singing ability. It’s one thing to sing in the shower or in your car, but it’s quite another to do it in a recording studio, as she put it. We believe she nailed this character to a tee. Do you agree with me?

6. Lightning McQueen: Cars

© Disney, © depositphotos

Lightning is one of Owen Wilson’s favourite roles he’s ever played, according to the actor who plays the main character in the Cars franchise. He considers him a close friend, and he had a lot of input with the creation of this character. As we witness Lightning’s exploits, we can definitely sense it.

5. Flash: Zootopia

© Disney, © CaseyP/twitter

When Raymond Persi was called in for a vocal audition, he assumed he’d merely have to speak slowly because his role was a sloth. But it turned out that all he needed to do was stop between sentences. Didn’t it go over incredibly well? It’s a little like hammering nails into a chalkboard…

4. Snowball: The Secret Life of Pets

© universalpictures, © kevinhart4real

Kevin Hart was excited to play a lovely fluffy little rabbit with a militant streak. The actor stated that this mixture gave him a lot of excitement, therefore he didn’t hesitate to accept the part.

3. Joy: Inside Out

© Disney, © depositphotos

Amy Poehler’s first time playing a Pixar character was as Joy. But as soon as she saw the screenplay, she agreed to do it. And we commend her debut because Joy’s cheerful and effervescent demeanour is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the film.

2. Poop: The Emoji Movie

© sonypicturesanimation, © SirPatStew/twitter

Patrick Stewart joked that portraying Poop in The Emoji Movie could be the peak of his career, and that it’s something he’s been working towards his entire life. But, doesn’t Patrick’s voice provide a particular charm to this iconic emoji?

1. Boss Baby: The Boss Baby

© dreamworksanimation, © iamabfalecbaldwin/instagram

Because of the humorous contrast between the cute infant character and Alec’s voice, Alec Baldwin was cast as the voice of the main character in The Boss Baby. He accepted this position because he felt at ease working with the Dreamworks crew, and we believe the outcomes of their collaboration were extremely spectacular.


Kaa: The Jungle Book

© Disney, © depositphotos

Scarlett Johansson’s velvety, enigmatic voice was perfect for the character of Kaa, according to the film’s directors. We have no choice but to agree.

Preview photo credit universalpictures, kevinhart4real