Walmart Worker, 82, Can Finally Retire Thanks to a Stranger Who Raised Over $100K, and His Life Story Gave Us Goosebumps


Everyone deserves the option to retire if they so choose after a certain age, but sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that choice. And Butch Marion, who was 82 years old, continued to support himself by working roughly 30 hours every week. However, after working for 71 years of his life, Mr Marion is finally able to rest because of a stranger’s generous heart and goodwill.

The coincidence that transformed his life

Butch Marion

53-year-old When Rory McCarty arrived at Walmart to get a few battery packs, he ran across 82-year-old Butch Marion. Little did he know, this would be the beginning of a life-changing experience for the elderly man. Rory was actually inspired to take action to alter his reality after realising how old his cashier was.

Rory informed Butch about another elderly working woman for whom online users were able to raise money in a video that was released on TikTok on December 17. “Now imagine if someone raised that type of money for you,” he continued, addressing the man. And because of this film, people were able to learn about the elderly man, and they empathised with him without a doubt.

A Christmas Miracle

GoFundMe page For Butch Marion

Therefore, when Rory made the decision to create a GoFundMe page for the old cashier, online users were incredibly kind and many people wanted to support the diligent man. And they succeeded in raising $108,000 for Butch in just two days.

Rory returned to Walmart on December 18 to tell him the fantastic news. In the parking lot, he awaited Marion and handed him the check. Is this real? Mr Marion questioned after being unable to believe his eyes. How did I become so fortunate? Marion said, “I love you too,” when Rory remarked, “I love you, man.”

The devoted cashier also expressed her gratitude to the roughly 4,500 donors, stating, “Thank you very much, and I really do mean it. Just now, you’ve made me ecstatic. He even referred to this joyous occurrence as a “Christmas miracle.”

A Lifetime Of Hard Work

Butch Marion

Butch deserved to retire and take a break at the age of 82. The elderly man stated that he began working at the age of 11.

Additionally, he retired from his profession in the past due to the fact that he had to care for his ex-husband. wife’s Butch cared for his ex-wife, who also died after he passed away. He had to return to work in order to make ends meet, which is how he ended up working as a cashier at Walmart.

He is ’’a new man’’ now.

Butch Marion Story

Butch described himself as “a new guy” and even said that he felt like a “bird out of a cage” in response to Rory’s kindness and all the donors who helped him raise money.

Butch clarified that he would use the funds to settle debts, perform home maintenance tasks, and see his kids and grandchildren, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

Do you act charitably frequently? What was the kindest and most unexpected thing a stranger ever did for you?

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