Watch: Dubai Businessman Lays Stacks Of Notes For Girlfriend To Walk On


Businessman Sergei Kosenko of Dubai made news with a spectacular show of passion when he laid down a carpet of cash for his girlfriend’s grand entrance. The ostentatious gesture, in which Kosenko arranges piles of notes on the ground to resemble a platform for his fiancée to walk on instead of the customary red carpet, is captured in a video that has gone viral on social media. Kosenko, also known as Mr.

Thank You on Instagram, frequently posts pictures of his lavish way of life. In the widely shared video, his girlfriend can be seen stepping out of a red helicopter, treating herself like a princess, and walking hand in hand with Kosenko holding the bundle of notes.

The girl is wearing dark glasses and black clothing. Sergei is dressed in a white shirt and purple trousers. “You know what I find the funniest?” is how Sergei has captioned the video. that you are my most valuable possession.

More than 49 lakh people have watched this video to date, and over 1 lakh fifteen thousand have loved it. It has also been shared widely. There are more than 3,200 comments on the video. You must be wondering how Sergei makes so much money and what he does.

Stacks of Love

He owns a real estate company in Dubai. His net worth is $500 million, and he owns additional enterprises. He makes a good living from social media as well.