9 Ways to Control Your Bladder When There’s No Bathroom in Sight


You can already begin to feel the need to go to the toilet when your bladder is around half-full. As most of you know, when there’s no time or place available, this might get you into an awkward situation. Luckily, to help you out, there are some tips.

1. Pass gas if you have to.

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A gas accumulation in your intestines will put extra pressure on your bladder. Bypassing gas, relieving this pressure will make you feel more relaxed and encourage you to hold on to your urine for longer.

2. Your body repositions: sit straight yet comfortable.


It is likely that the way you position your body will help you tighten the muscles around your bladder and make you feel like “holding it in”. To relieve any pressure on the bladder, don’t slouch and sit up straight. This can lessen the urge to pee.

3. Stay warm.

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Your body will respond to the drop in temperature when you are cold. One of the effects is that more pee is made. So, if you have the urge to pee now, cover yourself with blankets or turn up the gas.

4. Lie down.

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According to this report, relative to a vertical position, the pressure on your bladder decreases steadily when lying down. You will use your abdominals while standing up to maintain your posture and the weight of the pee will press on the bladder as well.

5. Cross your legs while standing.


The tube that leads your pee out of your body is the urethra. By crossing your knees, you can squeeze this tube slightly. Make sure you cross them while standing because it can only lead to more pressure on the bladder in a seated position.

6. Try not to laugh.

7. Think of a distraction.

The nerves in the bladder will inform the brain that it’s time to go when the bladder is more or less half-full. This need to pee might be less urgent than it feels, so the need to pee for a while might be overridden by a diversion. So try to think of something else next time or skip through your phone a little bit and you’ll see that the feeling is going away.

8. Squeeze your butt.

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Bladder regulation is based on the muscles of the pelvic floor, which are the muscles surrounding the peeing tube. It is a simple exercise to pinch your butt cheeks together a few times to tighten those muscles that can help keep urine within the bladder, preventing leakage. In any place, standing up or sitting down, you can do this.

9. Avoid getting into the water.


When you’re swimming in cold water, the same phenomenon as described earlier will happen. However, we suggest staying out of the water entirely because going to a cooler place can suddenly give you an overwhelming urge to pee when leaving a warm bath.

Have you ever been in a situation where these tips should be used? Do you have some of your own original methods that you’d like to share?

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