10 Ways to Smell Fresh, Even If You Haven’t Bathed for a Few Days


Dushing is important to help us stay safe and clean. There are times, however, where, for instance, we just don’t have time to shower while driving. It’s still good to maintain some habits when that happens to prevent us from smelling bad.

1. Use body oils

In this situation, it is easier to use a perfumed body oil than the perfume that you put on because the body oil scent lasts longer on your skin. You can also always choose a more subtle scent, with a more natural smell, and rub it all day in your skin.

2. Use baby wipes

Baby wipes are a good option to make you feel somewhat clean because they can eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for bad smells.

3. Use extra layers of deodorant

Using the deodorant will help you remove the sweat smell. Extra layers will maximize their effect, and kill bacteria as well.

4. Change your underwear

You sweat around your intimate parts a lot and they often stay warm. Changing your undergarments will alleviate the bad smell of sweating.

5. Change your socks

The feet are one of the most sweaty parts of your body, creating a very bad odour. Regularly changing socks will reduce the unpleasant odour. Only applying talcum powder to your shoes is also a good idea.

6. Avoid food with onion, garlic, and spices

We are what we eat and those foods can make your bad smell more intense. In this case, eating vegetables and fruits instead is better.

7. Avoid tight clothes

Tight clothes will warm up different parts of your body, causing them to sweat and creating a bad smell. Loose clothes will freshen you up.

8. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo revitalizes the hair and prevents it from getting greasy. It will offer a fresher look and scent to your hair and can help you add more hair volume.

9. Wear headbands and wraps

You can always use tight headbands and headwraps to keep your hair in place in case you run out of dry shampoo. Choosing a correct hairstyle will mask your hair’s dirt and poor odour.

10. Hydrate your skin

You can also feel fresher by hydrating yourself. You should drink plenty of water, and use good body smelling creams to moisturize your skin.

Know some other ways to make you feel fresh when you don’t have time to shower? Exchange them with us, please!