9 Weird Yet Funny 90s Bollywood Movie Posters That You Cannot Miss


Have you ever felt that you were watching a cringe-worthy Bollywood film and thought to yourself, “Dafuq?” I believe we’ve all been there. While some Bollywood films are strange, nonsensical, and amusing, some posters will make you wonder, “What on Earth was the filmmaker smoking?”

Bollywood is full of oddities, whether it’s in the form of a song, a billboard, or the entire film. Were they attempting to be amusing or was the humour unintentional?

So, in this article, we’ve gathered all of those amusing Bollywood movie posters from the 1990s to brighten your day. (Or perhaps make you laugh out loud?)

1. Phool Aur Kaante

The billboard for this award-winning film depicts Ajay Devgn drenched or sweating, with actress Madhoo attempting to smell his neck. Given the actress’ motions, I’m guessing it’s the sweat! Although the fonts used to write Phool aur Kaante are not the most attractive, they effectively convey the idea.


2. Junoon

The entire film featuring Rahul Roy, let alone the poster, is bizarre. On a full moon night, the actor transforms into a man-eating tiger in the film. Isn’t that unique? The tiger depicted in the billboard resembles a plush toy with vampire ears and strange eyes rather than a real tiger. I’m curious as to how this poster persuaded the audience to watch the film.


3. Tum Mere Ho

Okay, you’re mine, but why is Juhi Chawla doing a Bharatnatyam pose while Aamir Khan puts his leg in front of her? And all of this while wearing a Tapori outfit. Was the film about a type of fusion dance?


4. Tere Mere Beech Mein

Oh, my goodness! (Read this in the voice of Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) What are Amjad Khan and Dada Kondke trying to accomplish in the name of God? Is it true that they are kissing each other through a white flower? Her lustrous curls are flowing between them, and she is poking her tongue out.


5. Yodha

Sangeet Bijlani’s newly manicured nails had caught my attention. She’s so proud of them that she’s putting them on display in the poster. Whatever is going on in the sky.


6. Test Tube Baby

I’ve never come across a name as straightforward as the title of this film. The ad even depicts a foetus inside a TEST TUBE, giving new meaning to the term “Test Tube Baby.” This is the world’s largest facepalm poster! Don’t try to convince me otherwise.


7. Kela

Katrina Kaif in a previously unseen costume! A genuine Kela is put painstakingly just beside the title on the Bhojpuri (was Katrina Kaif in one of them?) movie poster. I’m curious if this movie ever existed.

Rahul Nanda/Twitter

8. Suryavanshi

The classic Salman Khan starrer in which the actor played a strangeo. Salman is showing his muscles in a He-Man outfit in the poster. What is the reason for this? Nobody is aware of this. In the poster, he even has golden blonde hair.

Kuntal Pal/YouTube

9. Toofan

So there’s a storm, and we predict it based on the name’s literal meaning. Amitabh Bachchan is seen on the billboard wielding a strange-looking cross bow, possibly packed with missiles. Meenakshi Sheshadri can be seen threatening someone with her finger if you turn your gaze slightly to the left. I’m surprised she’s not preventing Big B from utilising that THING.