When Sanjay Dutt Revealed He Had To Say Sorry To Madhuri After News Of Their Affair Broke

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The fact that superstars Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt were often associated in the media is a well-known rumour. Their on-screen chemistry was said to be converting into an off-screen romance as well. Despite the fact that the two never said anything, many Bollywood insiders think that the stars were more than buddies.

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As much was written about their supposed affair, Sanjay Dutt had to apologise to Madhuri in 1993 after the news of an affair was continually making headlines. He recounted what transpired in an interview.

“Around the period of Saajan, this narrative arose. She was actually shooting for Khel in Kenya when the storey surfaced in the press. So, when we had a Saajan schedule after that, I went over to her and apologised. She was the subject of public scrutiny through no fault of her own. She handled it admirably.” “There has to be something in between us for me to marry her,” he had declared in response to rumours that they were getting married.

However, according to DNA, his first wife was aware of the two’s relationship and even expressed concern about his being abandoned. “He needs someone to lean on emotionally at all times in his life.” He acted as if he was reliant on Madhuri. He’s going to be a shattered man now that she’s dumped him.”

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When rumours of Madhuri neglecting him began to circulate, the actor dismissed them in an interview. “Her statement had no effect on me.” I’ve worked with her on a number of projects and have worked with her on a number of films. See, I need to get along with all of my co-stars, whether it’s Madhuri or Sridevi. For example, I wasn’t at ease during the first few days of Gumraah since you know how Sridevi is. I had to talk to her since she was aloof. So what Madhuri said didn’t disturb me much that much, if at all,” he explained. The actors have definitely moved on, and in Kalank in 2019, the two shared screen time.