‘Why Hatred For Rashmika?’ Mahesh Babu Trolled For Ignoring Actress In ‘Pushpa’ Review

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Pushpa, starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, has become the highest-grossing film of 2021, surpassing Sooryavanshi and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Sukumar-directed picture is also the seventh South Indian film to gross over Rs 200 crore in the domestic market.

Pushpa is garnering praise from celebs and individuals on social media in addition to breaking box office records. Mahesh Babu was the most recent person to appreciate the film.

He praised the film and Allu Arjun’s performance in it on Twitter. He also praised Sukumar, the director, and Devi Sri Prasad, the music director.

Almost everyone was startled by his tweets praising the film, considering he was apparently the initial option for the role before being replaced by Allu Arjun.

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While many people were taken aback by Mahesh Babu’s gesture, others were outraged that he had entirely ignored the film’s lead heroine, Rashmika Mandanna.

“@alluarjun as Pushpa is gorgeous, innovative, and fantastic,” Mahesh Babu tweeted. A great performance by @aryasukku, who once again confirms that his movie is raw, rustic, and brutally honest… a cut above the rest. What can I say, @ThisIsDSP… you’re a rock star!! Congratulations to the entire @MythriOfficial team. “I’m really proud of you guys!”

One user responded to Mahesh Babu’s post by asking, “Why hatred on Rash??” while giving a still of the actress from the film.

“Huge disrespect from you!!” wrote another. There was no indication of a female lead.”

“Could have mentioned rashmika atleast!!” said one user, referring to Mahesh Babu’s odd behaviour at times. She played a crucial part, and her character is crucial to the story’s advancement. You have a strange way of acting at times.”

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Allu Arjun was first introduced to North India in Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1.

The film has done well in Hindi markets, and its dubbed Hindi version continues to earn good money.