Why People Modify Their Bodies


Nearly half of all adults have at least one tattoo and 11% have at least one piercing in their population (other than the earlobe). In addition, many other body modification forms, such as eye tattooing, subdermal implants, and tongue splitting, have been observed. While some individuals choose not to adjust their bodies in any way,

1. It can release “feel-good” chemicals.

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Endorphins are released and a good feeling takes place every time someone modifies their body. Because of that, as a happier time, people prefer to remember the moment they get pierced or tattooed, and go and do it again.

2. It’s a form of art or fashion expression.

Some individuals use clothing or cosmetics, others use their own bodies. In producing art on the skin of individuals, tattoo artists are becoming more and more professional, while piercings and other body modifications are mostly seen as a fashion accessory that complements the overall look.

3. It helps to create a sense of individuality.

Everyone is identical, but some people like to change this by changing their bodies in a one-of-a-kind way. They want to be unique and separate themselves from others. This allows them to create their own identities as well.

4. It can immortalize personal experiences.

As a self-healing procedure, it is possible to use body modifications. People who have lost someone, who have endured a traumatic experience, or who want to immortalize a landmark often want to mark their skin and body with these events.

5. It’s a tradition.

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Some individuals interpret body modification as an initiatory process, a spiritual awakening. It is often used by many cultures as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

6. It shows physical tolerance.

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One of these movements is that we can see a lot of people striving to conquer discomfort, challenges, and their overall personal limits and body modifications. It displays bravery and tenacity.

7. It’s a way to belong to a group.

Both human beings want to belong to a certain circle of society. One way to do this is to befriend someone who also loves changing their bodies. Some individuals also change their bodies, like rock stars, just to be included in a group.

8. It’s an impulsive act.

Following deep reflection and thought, not everybody who has a piercing, a tattoo, or any other body modification does so. As a pure instinct, others do it. This is why we see covering up and even cutting tattoos. 17% of inked individuals, in particular, regret their tattoo and are thinking about removing it.

From what age do you think starting to have piercings and tattoos is okay? Have you got any? Why have you gotten them?

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