Do You Know Why Team India Is Carrying A Fake Trophy After Winning The T20 World Cup?


The win of the Indian cricket team brought the T20 World Cup to a magnificent close after a month of hard-fought matches and unexpected upsets. Indian cricket fans are pleased with their historic victory, which put an end to their 10-year search for a world crown. The trophy the Indian cricket team carried home is a fake, though, which is an unexpected turn of events.

Why did Team India bring back a fake T20 World Cup Trophy?

Although there is some truth to the rumours that Team India brought home a phoney T20 World Cup trophy from Barbados, this is just one of several customs in international cricket. The winning team receives the genuine trophy for the official picture session after winning the championship game. They do not, however, return with the actual trophy to their nation. Rather, they receive a World Cup trophy replica to commemorate their triumph at home.

This has long been the standard procedure. The replica is customised with the event’s insignia for that particular year, making it unique to each tournament, and it closely mimics the real World Cup trophy. This guarantees that the replica is very valuable and functions as a representation of the team’s victory.

So where does the real T20 trophy go?

The genuine trophy is flown back to the ICC headquarters in Dubai for protection following the photo shoot. This custom guarantees the genuine trophy stays safe and undamaged while allowing the victorious team to enjoy their win with an incredibly realistic duplicate.

As a result, it wasn’t a lie when Team India returned home with a “fake” trophy—rather, it was following the rules. As a victory gift, the victorious team gets a very accurate replica. This keeps the original award safe and lets them celebrate their accomplishment.

Team India’s victorious homecoming celebration

After Hurricane Beryl left Team India stranded in Barbados, the team finally made it back home. Saying that there has been a great deal of jubilation around the country following team India’s victorious return from the T20 World Cup would be an extreme understatement. The players rode an open-top bus in an exuberant victory parade from Marine Drive to Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where they were met by a joyful audience. Cheering and applauding as the squad walked by, fans lined the streets, their hearts overflowing with pride and happiness over India’s World Cup victory.

Along the parade route, captain Rohit Sharma and star batsman Virat Kohli proudly presented the T20 World Cup 2024 trophy to the jubilant crowd. The energy was palpable, as players waved back to the jubilant fans and returned their waves. The joyous mood was further enhanced by the presence of BCCI executives, such as vice-president Rajiv Shukla and secretary Jay Shah, on the bus with the players.

In a gesture signifying the team’s victory, Rohit Sharma, team coach Rahul Dravid, and batsman Suryakumar Yadav raised their clasped hands to the sky during the parade. The celebrations carried over to Wankhede Stadium later, when the players were greeted with additional applause and praise.

The squad had the privilege of seeing Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the day in Delhi, where they talked about their adventure at the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup and shared special recollections. With great pleasure and admiration, the country continues to commemorate Team India’s historic accomplishment.