21 People Who Woke Up From a Coma Talk About the Things That Surprised Them the Most

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Being in a coma can be a life-changing experience — people usually speak of odd or terrifying experiences they had out there, some of them encountered their dead relatives, and others experienced nothing but depression and darkness. Yet typically the hardest thing is to get out of this place because you never know what you’re going to see around you and how much time has actually gone by.

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  • I’ve been 4 days in a coma. Everybody was talking about the baby boy I had when I woke up. I lost my mind for a long time and I didn’t even remember being pregnant. I got my long-term memory back after a couple of days and remembered it all until my second surgery, then nothing before I woke up. My son has been my third service. @PennyCundiff
  • My husband was a week after a car accident in a medically induced coma. When he woke up, he said he remembered getting to work (he never made it work, the accident happened on the way) and that when he suddenly woke up in the hospital, he was just going about his normal day. He couldn’t believe an entire week had gone by. @missquit
  • My brother had a severe head injury from a fall some twenty years ago. He was nearly 4 weeks in a coma. He realized as soon as he woke up that his mind was eidetic. Letter for letter, he could replay entire conversations and even tell you the date and time you said something. He could also memorize pictures with a look of just a few seconds. Still, his memory remains eidetic. @cheezemeisterx
  • Just after Christmas, I was in a coma. Afterwards, I went home and found a bunch of sweaters in my wardrobe that I had never seen before. Yelled to my mother why my wardrobe held a bunch of hideous turtleneck sweaters. She informed me that with Christmas gift card money I had bought them myself. Comas turn out to make you hate sweaters from the turtleneck. @SlevinKelevra87
  • I had some hair loss in certain places after a coma, which for months wouldn’t grow hair. It was jet black when it came back. Normally my hair is brown. Finally, the hue has changed back to brown over the past 6 years. @Rthos89
  • Due to a heart condition caused by diet pills, my boyfriend’s mother was in a coma for about 30 days. She was a frequent smoker until she woke up, almost a cigarette a day. But she was surprised when she finally woke up to learn she was a smoker. “I used to smoke?” he said essentially.”And never did that again. Surely for the best. @Binxgamesandguitar
  • My dad had a stroke back in the’ 90s. He was in a coma for 3 weeks and was unable to speak English when he woke up. The Choctaw language was all he could speak. When he was a child, he had learned it because his family lived right next to a reserve in Choctaw, and he played with many of those kids. At that time he spoke it fluently, but he forgot about it in his life. It went on for about 10 days, and when he woke up from a night’s sleep and unexpectedly could only speak English again, not knowing Choctaw’s word. @GoldH2O
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  • My mother had been in a coma for three months. She said she despised the perfect look of her hands when she woke up. Her nails and cuticles have been fine and clean not to be used. @CherrySlusheez
  • My wife spent 2 weeks in a medically induced coma. She had very bad memories when she woke up. All of them were based on conversations that people had with her while in the house. For example, she believed she was flying for treatment to Washington, DC. While she was in a coma, my father-in-law said on a work trip that he had just come back to town from DC. She somehow learned this while out and it was interpreted by her brain to mean that SHE went to DC. It took days for her to come to terms with reality even after we explained to her where she was. @kp1877
  • Over six months, a good friend of our family went to a coma. He was actually shocked when he woke up about why his wife looked so tired. In reality, he lost his memory for the last 15 years (he knew he had 2 kids, but they were babies and he didn’t even know his third child). And his memory has never returned. It was the hardest for him to learn that he had missed all his kids growing up. @BsNLucky
  • I got encephalitis and it resulted in a massive seizure that sent me to a coma for three days. The most prominent thing I noticed after waking up was that when listening to music, including songs that I’ve been listening to since a young age, they seemed to play faster than about 1.5x faster. I finally got out of control, but it was a real trip. @HandofTheKing1
  • I fell off the roof of a car park when I was about 14 and landed on my head. Had a haemorrhage of the brain. Wake up 2 to 3 days later in hospital and was unable to speak at all. I was like a baby’s mumbling sounds. The only thing I could ask was, “Where are my fish and chips?” I said a lot.”It turned out that while my mom went out to pick some fish and chips for dinner, I would have had the accident. @BigBizzle232
  • I was in 2 comas that were induced. The second coma was just a few days after my first, I woke up with no memory and thought I was a guy between my legs because of the catheter.  I am a woman. @Zombierabbitz
  • My father was about eight weeks in a coma. His eyes had completely changed colours when he woke up. Before that, he had green eyes and they drastically changed to violet. It’s not even been a subtle change. @StSym
  • I’ve been nine days in a coma. I was still on a fan when I woke up. My body didn’t remember how to breathe on its own when they took me off the ventilator. I had to relearn literally how to breathe. For how long or deeply to inhale, how long to keep, how long to exhale, I had no natural sense. I had to concentrate all of my attention on breathing. It’s been really strange. My breathing capacity was usually back in a month or so. @DROPTHENUKES
  • After an accident when I was 11, I was in a brief 3-day coma. I recall that I was shocked that my body was too heavy. I had already started puberty and lost my memory for two and a half years or so. Everything was so frustrating. Two or so years later, most of the pieces suddenly collapsed and I could recall almost all of the missing years. @Cbearington
  • The kid of my neighbours was in a bad accident and put in a coma caused by drugs. The doctors said he could hear what people were talking to him, so talk to him, play his favourite music, sports, and so on. He liked Elvis, so almost non-stop they were playing his Albums. He thought he was Elvis when he finally woke up from the coma. It has taken him a long time to accept the facts. He now works as an impersonator of Elvis. @designgoddess
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  • My nephew was more than 3 months in a medically induced coma. During that time, when his muscles atrophied, he had lost about 30% of his body weight. His first comment when he first saw himself as, “Have you forgotten to feed me?”It was incredibly difficult to hear since his family sat on his bedside crying every moment he was unconscious. @Meccadeplease
  • A man I was in high school for a couple of weeks was in an accident and a coma for almost six months. He woke up with a Scottish accent somehow, and his family was unable to find out where it came from. Finally, they realized that the accent was due to his ultra-Scottish grandma being a lot like a baby with him and that’s what his brain latched on. @ihrie82
  • My father had eaten meat all his life, and then he went into a coma. He had to learn to speak and walk again, and they had to feed him, obviously. He told us why they were feeding him meat when he could finally speak properly. He woke up a vegetarian literally. @Sexybatman3
  • I’ve been nine days in a coma. I was perhaps most shocked how some basic things like peeing and swallowing had to be relearned. @jackie0h_

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