20 Women Share Pics Of How Much They’ve Changed Since High School In ‘Glow-Down Challenge’


Do you know what the term “glow-down” means? If you haven’t seen it, it revolved on folks who started off as gorgeous swans and eventually morphed into overweight ducklings. It’s becoming quite a popular fad, with people all over the world uploading before and after photos to show how much they’ve changed. You can undoubtedly speak to the fact that puberty is an embarrassing time for the majority of people, and there are images to prove it.

However, some individuals have weighed in on the glow-down challenge, which is the polar opposite of the TikTok glow-up fad. Users of the platform are more than happy to share their photos when the results are unexpected. We can all agree, however, that whether or not someone is attractive has nothing to do with their value as a human being. As a result, let us thank these women (below) for their forthrightness!

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The glow-down challenge, it appears, is here to stay and is still going strong. Of course, the concept of peak beauty appears to be shifting with time, but it’s worth noting that the majority of glow downs appear to have occurred relatively recently, and the majority of those who confidently publish their images appear to be as lovely as ever.

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The most essential thing in life is that you feel at ease and that you encourage yourself and those around you. Yes, getting your hair and nails done or dressing up for a night out may be part of being comfortable. Accepting a glow-down can undeniably provide a sense of liberation. After all, it can be quite time and money demanding to invest time and money in order to fulfil society’s standards.

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