‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Want To Get Pregnant Together With The Boyfriend They ‘Share’


A few years ago, when the sisters claimed to have the same lover and planned to marry him, they were referred to online as the “world’s most identical twins.”

identical twins

The Australian twins from Perth had reportedly been dating Ben Byrne since 2012. After being with Mr Byrne for two years, the “situation” went viral after it was revealed that they both intended to become pregnant at the same time and with the same partner.

They discussed their ambitions on “This Morning.” The identical twins stated that they plan to use IVF to try for a child but want their pregnancies to occur simultaneously with their common partner Mr Byrne.

“Everything is the same: we take showers together, makeup together, go to bed at the same time, eat together when we’re hungry, and so on. We live as a single unit, so it may be obsessive, but this is how we want to live “During the show, the sisters said.

The twins said: “We want to experience pregnancy together, we want to do everything in life together, we will die together, and we will grow old together.” When the show’s host Ruth Langsford questioned the two women about exactly how they intended to have children at the same time.

In 2022, the twins have not yet given birth to children, but they are still on track to conceive with Mr Byrne at the same time. Recent episodes of TLC’s “Extreme Sisters” gave viewers a glimpse into their extraordinary lives.

Identical Twins

The twins claimed that although they haven’t taken pregnancy tests, they are now rushing to deliver their children at the same time.

“To be honest, though, we’re in a rush because we also need to have babies at the same time. Anna might be pregnant, but I’m not, therefore I’m having a heart attack. Having two pregnancies would be preferable to having one “said Lucy.

World’s Most Identical Twins

The sisters and Mr Byrne were seen in the TLC documentary doing a pregnancy test together. Regrettably, the outcomes were poor. The sisters accepted Mr Byrne’s marriage proposal last year, but they haven’t been wed because polygamy is illegal in Australia.