Hotel Owner’s Furious Response After A YouTube Influencer Demands Free Accommodation In Exchange For a Shout Out


When you can easily become a social media influencer, forget the 9 to 5 job. Online, there are people who make an unbelievable living by becoming Instagram models, Twitch live streamers, and YouTube vloggers. Particularly for the younger generation who grew up using the same technology, it has evolved to be a massive industry.

The phenomenon of social media influencers was thought to have generated $500 million in total four years ago. It will most likely be between $5 billion and $10 billion by the following year. That is a significant sum of money.

Paul Stenson, owner of the Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Cafe in Dublin, and British vlogger Elle Darby got into a violent argument after Elle allegedly requested freebies in exchange for a shout-out.

The initial email asking for free services was sent to the Charville Lodge Hotel.

The White Moose Cafe’s proprietor, Paul Stenson, decided to respond online.

Stenson’s clever retort received a tremendous amount of online feedback. Most people agreed with him since they believed influencers lacked talent and merely wanted free things without having to work for them.

But much as with any unfavourable comments online, the YouTuber soon began receiving threats of cancer and death. “A very simple way to have gone about it would have just been a ‘no’ or for the email to be ignored instead of me having death threats and cancer wishes,” she said in her subsequent YouTube video.

Not the denial of my plea, but his response, was what bothered me.

Ironically, Stenson earned free publicity for his company as a result of this tea.