17 People who are Naturally Bound by Fate To Remain Single

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Craving for companionship is the basic nature of human beings. While some fellow humans find it comparatively easier to find that special someone, others struggle to understand the opposite gender. There is no scale to tell how good a person is at it. However, there definitely are ways to tell if anyone is going to be alone for a really long time.

For instance, people in the below compilation are definitely hitting it off with the forever-alone vibe. If you even for one moment can relate yourself to anyone on the list, we have bad news for ya!

1. When this guy thought the message will be sent to every girl separately.


2. A man tried to flirt with this girl on her anniversary post.



3. Who can you really trust in the world when people hop from one person to another this quickly.4. A bouncy castle is what it takes to impress a girl thoroughly. The key to true happiness. 

5. Because life can be as hard as it is, letting people in, can be much harder.