10 Unknown Facts About Shah Rukh Khan’s Son, Aryan Khan That No One Knows Yet!


It is no new matter for Bollywood celebrities to draw fans as demi-Gods. But the change in attention from the bigwigs to these growing trends was very radical, with star kids unexpectedly seeing an upsurge in popularity because of a slew of debutantes sprouting every other day.

One of the star children is Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, one of the greatest Bollywood actors, and his wife, Gauri Khan, the producer. Unlike many of the other fortunate children of Tinsel Town, Aryan has yet to grace the Bollywood silver screen. But an imminent debut only aimed to raise the hype surrounding the Junior SRK.

Aryan was in the limelight from a very early age as the son of the Bollywood Badshah. Even then, some things remain relatively less well-known about this all-grown star boy—

#1 A small Bollywood debut

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Although all of us await Aryan Khan’s foray into Bollywood in anticipation, Aryan’s major Bollywood debut could have already happened! Not many know, but in Karan Johar’s smash hit Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Aryan Khan’ starred.’

As far back as 2001, Aryan played the role of the younger Rahul in one of the most popular films in the Hindi film industry. Aryan can be seen in the opening song of the movie as a little kid who later grew up with Rahul, played by SRK.

#2 The big leap

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Aryan Khan, alongside another illustrious star boy, is all set to make his proper Bollywood debut. Ace filmmaker Karan Johar is said to be launching Aryan opposite Khushi Kapoor, the younger daughter of the legendary Bollywood star, the late Sridevi, and producer Bonney Kapoor, in his film.

#3 Passion for film making

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Aryan Khan may not be visible on the big screen very soon, despite all the rumors about his launch. This is because of his interest in the field of cinema focuses, rather than acting, primarily on film production and direction. As he is taking a film making and writing course at the University of Southern California, Aryan is actually preparing for a life behind the camera.

#4 Star kid with a distinct identity

Aryan Khan is one of those star children of the modern age who does not want to expand the luxury of being born to a celebrity to his work life. As his father did in his own time, he wants to create an identity of his own. Of course, when Aryan is referred to as the SRK ‘s son, he doesn’t like it.

#5 A champion sportsperson

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Aryan Khan is also an ardent fitness enthusiast. Educated in martial arts, Aryan went on to win a gold medal at the Maharashtra Taekwondo competition in 2010, with a black belt in Taekwondo.

#6 Best dubbing child artist of his time

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Aryan Khan also has a remarkably wonderful voice in addition to his good athletic penchant. In 2004, in the movie Hum Lajawab Hain, he dubbed the dialogues for Tez’s character and also won an award as the best child dubbing artist.

#7 Suffers from car sickness that sheds him away from the paps

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However, Aryan’s presence in front of the paparazzi as a star kid remains limited. Often because, right after traveling, he suffers from car sickness and can’t bear to face the media.

#8 MMS controversy

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Aryan Khan is also one of the favorite children of controversy. A video of Aryan sharing some intimate moments with Navya Naveli, the granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan, went viral in 2014. As it turned out later, though, the faces in the video were just the star kids’ looks.

#9 ‘Lovechild’ AbRam

When it was reported that SRK’s youngest son AbRam was actually Aryan’s love child, another strange controversy that gripped the Khans was! Abram was born to a surrogate mother, but a part of the media announced that Aryan’s child and his Romanian girlfriend were the youngest Khan. SRK, however, denied all such rumors and termed this episode as one of those that emotionally distressed his kin.

#10 Yet another Bollywood appearance, but not yet debuted

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Aryan Khan was part of another of his dad’s films, too. In the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Aryan had a scene where he was a soccer player scoring the final goal. But the scene was deleted from the film after the final cut as it didn’t seem that compelling.