10 of the Funny Swimsuits Not Many People Would Dare to Wear


Summer’s around the corner. A great figure isn’t the only way to impress everyone on the beach and by the pool-an original swimsuit will do the trick, too. Yet designers often overdo it with their imagination and end up with designs which look more like bacon than a swimsuit!

1 Beauty comes from the inside out. Literally.

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2 This swimsuit is not for those looking to get a tan.

© Farfetch.com

3 Oops, Donald! Is this your new hairdo?

© belovedshirts.com

4 Have you seen the movie Jaws?

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5  Let’s be children forever!

© bikinibabes4u/Twitter

6 Such speedos don’t leave after the wave, exactly.

© vsemayki.ru

7 Is it going to turn into fried bacon after a sunbath?

© DaFunOne/Imgur

8 Are they serious? Would you wear this?

© DickGarden/Imgur

9 For pizza lovers only!

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10 You’ll need this if you’re a waiter at a beach party.

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