A Man Saves a Woman From 3 Strangers and Describes His Feelings in a Post


Dane Weeks is a brave, caring man who is always ready to answer a call for assistance. He’s a “counsellor specialized in juvenile sexual abuse,” and one night he ‘d had the opportunity to save a woman from 3 strangers. On a Twitter thread, he explained this story in-depth and lots of people appreciated his act of kindness. This experience gave Dane a glimpse into women’s world, leading him to say that women “have to live in this type of fear because we men have created a toxic environment.”

“A few minutes ago I was walking to the train when a woman came right up to me then gave me a tight hug and quickly whispered, ‘Just act as you know me. 3 guys have been watching me for a while.’ I played along then came to her 3 blocks home. What a great journey for us both.

I won’t pretend like I didn’t hesitate because we’re in New York and people are setting you up really quickly. Her embrace was too genuine to be fake, and at a distance, three men followed behind. When I walked around and listened to her, I found that she was scared. She kept thinking, “I’ve got to get my son back home.”

I was walking, watching a debate when suddenly I saw her putting her hands up when she hugged me before I could respond. She held my hand after the hug as we marched to her house. She apologised for the inconvenience and I had to reassure her that it was my pleasure, absolutely no inconvenience.

“What is nuts, this block is rarely walked down. I usually take one way to the station, but when I walk my dog the way I took it is the path I choose. I think my diversion to watch the debate has taken me down the road I never take to get to the train. And at that particular moment, I guess I was supposed to be there.

I can only imagine how she felt because I never had this before and I was taken back a little bit. I just went to hang out at my friend’s house and this happened. My mates have been calling from the dark to come over and hang out. Just sit back contemplating this has a certain feeling about me.

We exchanged numbers and I told her about my boyfriend and if we were home I would meet her at the train at any time. The path she will take home allows her to walk under the train tracks, because there is no other way to go, plus it is dark. She said she’d call back and I hope she does. I’ll call her to check in tomorrow.

But that was not the story’s ending. Dane kept his promise, calling out the saved woman. She explained the story to her side in even more detail.

“I have spoken to the lady. She couldn’t communicate sufficiently gratitude to me. I thanked her for getting me into the women’s world, too. The 3 males obviously stared at her on the train. They got off as soon as she got off too. They pursued her for two blocks. Then, for a few minutes, she went to a supermarket.

She had thought they ‘d split. She heard that they were leaving but she realized that they were standing in a pizza shop as she entered. She walked quickly and just saw women but she didn’t want to put another woman in the way of harm. She saw two other people but they’ve been loud and insulting one another.

She saw me and noticed that looking at my phone, I had a smile on my face and that’s when she knew I ‘d help her. She excused herself and felt how shocked I was at her random hug. I told her that at first, I thought it was a setup and she laughed because she said it was a New York mentality.

“She said I handled everything well for someone who didn’t have time to process everything. I told her that I had seen my father beating my mom and we still had to respond quickly because of that. Besides, I’m a counsellor and we ‘re prepared for these kinds of moments. She thanked me, making sure she took a different path home.

I met her 5-year-old son who said, ‘Thank you, Mister.’ I also spoke to her mother who was very grateful that I was here. I told her that the offer still stands if she ever wants anyone to walk from the train station to her house. Her mother has certainly been grateful since she had to work late some nights.

Afterwards, I expressed how awful I felt because what if I hadn’t taken that route? What if I have not trusted her? There’s no point in worrying, she said, ‘What if? ‘She said, ‘Just embrace being my hero tonight, I always thought my son was going to be left without a husband and my brother, girlless.'”

How do you feel when you read that story? Have you ever lived through harassment? In the comments below tell us how you have managed to resolve this.

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