10+ Rules Angelina Jolie Makes Her Kids Follow


Regulations are what hold Angelina Jolie’s head afloat with six babies. Some are fun, like letting her kids prioritize fun over schoolwork, while others are somewhat more strict, like banning house sleeping.

Here are the laws that Angelina asks her children to follow.

1. They have to take part in her humanitarian efforts:

Philanthropist ways of Angelina Jolie have rubbed off on her babies! She once took her daughter Shiloh to visit Syrian refugees in Bekka Valley, Lebanon.

2. They have to attend family therapy:

Family therapy was a must after Angelina and Brad were divorced in 2016.”The kids are pretty nice. They just drink it all. We need to hold their hands and explain things. You need to listen to them, “Brad once told GQ Style.

3. They have to follow their dreams:

Angelina will be helping her kids whatever profession they want.

“None of my children aspire to be actors. They’re really very interested in being artists, “she said to Vanity Fair.” I think that just means that you don’t know who your kids are until they show you who they are, and they just become who they want to be.

4. They can’t hear about their parents’ divorce

Jolie did this for her children’s sake, as he explained to Vanity Fair. “We all recover from the events that led to the lawsuit. They don’t cure divorce. Some of them are soothing. From life, from life “stuff.

5. They have to be open to trying new foods

Hearing our mom say, “See the hard part where you’ve got the teeth? Take the fangs out,” we would run. But this is all part of trying new mommy foods for Jolie’s kids.

6. They have to learn new languages

The Tomb Raider actress told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour that she asked them what languages they wanted to learn.

“She is learning Khmai, a language of Cambodia, Pax is focused on Vietnamese, Mad has taken German and Russian,” she said.”Z speaks French, Vivienne was really interested in learning Arabic and Knox is studying sign language.”

7. They have to understand how fortunate they are

Jolie allows for each of her children to count their blessings.

“I’m aware that the boys are teenage boys and maybe they’d rather watch television with their buddies and they’ve been to Africa and maybe they’re not as enthusiastic as the little kids,” she said. “But they’re not really questioning me. They’re both sitting on the edge of my bunk, thinking,’ What will we do there?”’

8. They can’t drink alcohol until they’re 21

This is a big one because both Brad and Angelina have seen drugs and alcohol on the dark side. Brad’s excessive drinking was even a big part of their divorce.