The boy came to his ex-girlfriend wedding and showed Whatsapp chats to everyone


We’ve heard a lot of real-life revenge stories and are ready to hear one right now! No one would have predicted how all of this began. Hold on listening!

It can be really more fun and exciting to attend your ex’s wedding if you know how to take sweet revenge at the right place and at the right time. Anik has done exactly the same with his ex Samia. The girl broke up with Anik two months ago saying that Anik wasn’t dedicated enough and didn’t show any interest in the relation.

It was learnt that the affair only lasted for eight months. Anik tried his best to persuade Samia that he was always faithful and after all, he was a good man but Samia refused to accept his claims. He just meant those words but she didn’t pay any attention to him because she was the least disturbed to listen to him.

Nevertheless, Anik felt betrayed and later he discovered that Samia’s father had arranged Samia’s wedding with some other guy who is well settled in Canada where he stays. Samia was tempted by luxury life abroad and she just used it as an excuse to start the breakup. Anik was stunned at first, after knowing the true reason behind the split, and then he took an extreme step to do something that perhaps not everyone would ever have expected.

Anik was present at the wedding venue on Samia’s wedding day. During the time Anik acted as normal. Anik ate food with complete satisfaction and then took a selfie with her husband and Samia. Samia was totally shocked to see Anik there, but she couldn’t tell him a word clearly because there were so many relatives in the vicinity.

During the food session, during their relationship, he pulled out the’ printed copy’ of the screenshots of their intimate messages and then freely circulated them to all those guests who were at the wedding and then secretly left the place.

Imagine just how Anik feels after learning the actual reason for the breakup. How can a girl abandon true love to a luxurious life by accepting an unknown person? Why unexpectedly can a girl change her mind by offering a lame excuse for breaking up? We are just going to leave it to your imagination.

He then didn’t contact Samia after Anik circulated the printed screenshots, but whenever he recalls the wedding day of the Samia it brings him peace for life.