10 Small Tips to Improve Your Outfit and Make It Look More Put Together


Many times, we stand in front of our closet, unsure of what to wear because nothing appeals to us. While it is true that this daily effort is difficult, there are ways to make it easier and even enjoyable. All we have to do now is get creative and make a few minor changes to the way we regularly dress.

The shirt knot


When we’re in a rush, we’ll tie knots in our shirts without thinking about whether they look nice or not. It can appear reckless, so giving one end a twist and pulling the other end through is a good way to avoid this.

The knot on coats and dresses


Another knot that, if it doesn’t appear like a perfect bow, might make you look sloppy. But not everyone knows how to tie a bow knot. However, we have a solution for you: bend both ends of the strap into a bow form. Then, by slipping one under the other and pulling, bind them. You’ll be left with a bow to flaunt around to your pals.

A blouse tucked into pants


We’ve been taught since we were children that a shirt should be tucked into our jeans by pushing it around our waist with our hands. While this method works, it looks better if we fold the shirt in half and tuck only the tip of the shirt in with our fingers. The folded section is then released, and we get a much neater finish.

Wearing scarves and mufflers


Scarves and neckerchiefs may add a level of sophistication to any outfit. You must, however, know how to wrap them around your neck. A beautiful knot has the power to transform your life. Try wrapping your scarf halfway around your neck, then passing the ends behind your back, bringing them forward, and tucking them inside the front.

The thinnest parts of the body


The technique of highlighting the portions of our bodies that flatter us the most is a trick that never goes out of style. If we’re wearing a wide-cut dress, for example, we should ideally tighten it with a belt to highlight that slim region of the body. As a result, your shape will appear more stylised, and you will appear slimmer.

Exposed ankles


Uncovering our ankles, especially if we’re short, is another unique way to appear thinner. It’s great if our jeans don’t touch our shoes when we’re wearing them. They should display some skin, especially in this generally thin area of our limbs. High heels can be worn to complete our ensemble.

Turning 2 necklaces into one


The double necklace, which consists of two chains, each with its own charm, has grown increasingly popular in recent years. If we don’t have one at home, we can always make one out of two other items. The secret is to simply switch the clasps while pointing it, resulting in both chains being linked and forming a single one. The next step is to slightly pull one of the charms, and voila, we have a double necklace.

Jazzing up shirts


Shirts are a staple in our wardrobe, but we often don’t know how to style them so they don’t seem drab. To add life to it, button it all the way up and place a thick necklace below the neck. You may also add a unique touch by tying a bow at the collarbone with a small ribbon.

Wide-waisted jeans


When it comes to jeans, many women struggle because they fit nicely on the hips but are too wide at the waist. This is a common problem that is readily solved: simply shorten the waist with the button, slide it under the nearest belt loop, and point it as usual. We can make the jeans fit us better this way.

Turning a shirt into a V-neck shirt


While we already know that we may open a shirt’s collar and wear it with a V-neckline, it can be tough to maintain everything in place because the collar has a tendency to close, bend, and wrinkle. Sticking some double-sided tape over the upper chest is an excellent hack for fixing both sides of the collar. It will most likely not move at all if you do it this way.

What other unique fashion advice do you have for resolving these prevalent problems? Do you believe that a person’s appearance helps them achieve better outcomes in society?