10 Tired People Who Fell Asleep In Public

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When you are too tired while travelling and too bored to fiddle with your phone, you opt to get a nap. Well, it is not always a sweet thing to see in the public place to see someone else having their calm sleep slumber, because you cannot have the same. But you could still ruin it for them by clicking pictures of them giving away weird poses while sleeping. These people were too tired to wait to get home to have their sleep schedule.

The peaceful Slumber!

When you study too much and you want a break. But oops, you are in the library and you have no bed to sleep! This guy thinks that this is a better alternative to complete his sleep schedule here!

Train cradle

When your body feels like you are being cradled by the train’s speed. This guy is least bothered about where he is and he is having his sleep without any hesitation.

Do they know each other?

This is so funny if they are complete strangers. That man is having the best sleep of his life while using the woman’s bosom as his pillow. I wonder what would happen if these people find out about this picture.

The annoying employ

Poor guy was so tired that he didn’t even notice about the big pile of glasses set on by his annoying colleague. All his hard work would go in vain once his co-worker gets up from his sleep slumber.

The beautiful bond

This is just very adorable to see two different people who are generations apart sharing a bond and have their comfortable space. Look at the child holding his grandma’s hand and feeling safer.

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Hats off to this invention!

This is is just the most innovative person around. He made the most use of the truck and the netted swing. I want to try something like this sometime.

How is that comfortable

This is so uncomfortable? How did he even manage to get in that weird position to sleep. I think his nose likes the pole so much, it is stuck to it!

Hope he doesn’t roll

This is an exceptional way of sleep I have ever seen. It is so uncomfortable and if the guy ever tries to turn around he would fall into the water and his sleep will be ruined.

What the hell?

Why is this even considered to be something comfortable to sleep on? This guy is literally taking crazy to another level. Not only he is sleeping on the chain but the street is too busy to have a sleep.

Typical school day!

This is typically every day at school. So tired of all the exams, this girl decided to sleep on the school desk and little that she knew that her classmates would mistake her as the desk itself.

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