18 People Who Prove That All Great Things Start With a First Step


When we’re stuck in a rut, the most common excuse we make is that we don’t have enough time. But, whether we like it or not, staying in our comfort zones does us no good, and while taking the first step may be the most difficult, it is the one that will lead us the farthest.

“Same spot, 3 years apart! So much happier and healthier!”

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“There are days when you need to be reminded of the effort you’ve already completed. “Remember all the yesterdays.”

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“I don’t even look like the same person in both photos, but I swear it’s me.” My son and I are about a year apart in age.”

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“It’s amazing how much a few years can change things.”

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“A snapshot of me on my 26th birthday vs. a photo of me on my 28th birthday last night.”

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“I went from being unable to walk a single flight of stairs to competing in my first 4-mile race!”

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“I broke my family’s poverty cycle by purchasing our first home with my wife!”

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“I started pursuing my childhood dream of being a professional artist a year ago.”

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“In the last photo, I felt so uncomfortable and furious. I’m happy to report that I’m having a great time right now.”

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“I’ve been obese my entire life and am learning to eat more nutritiously and emotionally.”

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“The local river has been cleaned up!”

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“I’ve finally discovered my self-assurance.”

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“My first portrait painting effort vs. my most recent”

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“It was our tenth wedding anniversary just a few days ago. I dug up my old wedding gown to see how it fit.”

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“Believe in yourself!”

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“I released my first book on my 50th birthday. You can never be too old to achieve your goals.”

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“I battle with my mental health and have some difficulties. It took me hours, but I finally had my room cleaned the way I deserved.”

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“July 2021 versus. February 2020. In April 2020, I began losing weight.”

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