21 People Who Wanted to Reach Their Dreams and Won — Now Their Stories Inspire Millions


Being able to grow strawberries with your own hands, draw an image by yourself, or conquer a long-standing fear — all of these accomplishments reflect our unique capacity to restart our lives. Small and large victories abound in our lives, and the pleasure we derive from them should be shared with others. That’s exactly what the people featured in our collection did!
We all know that in order to take the first step, one requires a source of inspiration and an example to follow. That’s why we’re sharing our inspiration with you so you can get started on your path to new heights!

21. “I set a target for myself to graduate before I turned 100 years old. With 33 years to spare, I made it.”

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20. Dana Falsetti overcame bullying and teasing because of her extra weight, proving to herself and the rest of the world that everyone has equal opportunities. She went on to become a yoga instructor, open her own yoga academy, and win a fitness industry award.

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19. “After a few years of working as a taxi driver for over 15 hours a day, my father decided to fulfil his dream of opening a restaurant. He’s having a culinary degree here.”

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18. “On the last day of school, I told my students that if they all passed the state exam, I’d shave off half my beard. I’m getting a serious case of the feels.”

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17. “After four years of patiently growing his hair, my son finally reached the donation duration last week! He had thick, beautiful hair that would make a lovely wig.”

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16.“Recovery has been a long road in more respects than one. But it’s been four years since I started using meth.”

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15.“I couldn’t leave the house alone 10 months ago because my anxiety was too terrible. I ended my first solo camping trip today.”

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14.“I finally finished my state quarter collection!”

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13.“I folded a paper dragon without getting a single cut.”

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12.“Made my friend walk 5km for the $1000 view!”

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11.“My fiancée doesn’t have enough yard for a proper garden, so she depends on pots!”

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10.“I finished my first embroidery project where I used a combination of stitches.”

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9.“For The Incredibles movie, I made my boyfriend and I matching outfits! It was well worth it, as we received numerous compliments!”

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8.“Things are finally coming together. First time living solo.”

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7.“I’ve had the great fortune of being able to dance with each of my children. This is my youngest son and me at his first dance circle session.”

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6.“I built a vertical farm for a school project and I’m very happy with the results.”

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5.“I know it may seem trivial to you, but this is my first time growing a strawberry on my own.”

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4.“I don’t want to brag, but today I was able to remove these beehives without being stung.”

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3.“Last weekend, my mother and I visited Havasupai Falls. She deserves a lot of credit for persevering on this journey.”

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2.“I just celebrated my two-year anniversary of anorexia recovery.”

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1.“I was sleeping under a bridge two years ago. I started working on this beast today!”

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