6 Foods You’d Better Avoid Before 10 AM to Keep Your Body Fit


Sometimes, science and breakfast contradict one another. The food industry has, on the one hand, made breakfast the most important meal of the day given the fact that missing it doesn’t always have bad consequences. A regular, hearty breakfast, on the other hand, will improve your mood and prevent depression. It seems like the trick is to learn what to eat for breakfast, and what not to eat.

1. Buttered toast

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As most people believe, breakfast is not to be a non-fat meal. The trick is in the morning finding the best sort of fat to eat. Butter contains fat that helps you digest vitamins, but it also includes plenty of saturated fat that can cause heart damage and weight gain.

Instead: Fill the toast with peanut butter. This study found that peanuts and pure peanut butter will make you feel less hungry during the day since it increases peptide YY production, a hormone that controls appetite, making it a great breakfast.

2. Small flakes and breakfast cereals

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A complicated classic is the breakfast cereal. While very practical, the most common breakfast cereals do contain an enormous amount of sugar that can become abdominal fat afterwards. This study also shows that small flakes are related to higher calorie consumption because when flakes are larger, people prefer to serve less cereal.

Instead: eat sugar-free, homemade oatmeal that has high fibre content and almost no sugar. Reducing your morning sugar intake will help you avoid the sluggish feeling around mid-morning. Consider buying bigger flakes if you eat sugar-coated flakes instead.

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3. Pancakes and waffles to go

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Although convenient to take with you when in a rush, most frozen pancakes, waffles, and cookies contain refined carbohydrates. Based on your diet, this is not inherently wrong, but processed carbohydrates can make you feel more hungry during the day. We also produce little or no fibre and a lot of unhealthy trans fats for your wellbeing.

Instead: make them at home and select wholemeal flour or test for high-fibre pancakes nutritional values. You can only substitute them with some wholemeal toast too.

4. Low-fat yoghurt

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Non-fat yoghurt has become an option for breakfast and is readily available. Sadly, it also uses a number of sugars to add a little flavour and protein. Research has also shown that full-fat yoghurt also aids in weight loss. Morning protein intake will make you feel less hungry during the day which is filled with full-fat yoghurt.

Instead: pick a sugar-free full-fat yoghurt.

5. Grab-and-go fruit juice

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According to this report, most fruit juices contain about as much sugar as soda, making them one of the worse options for breakfast or for general consumption. This also contains virtually no fibre. Surprisingly enough, that’s not why they are a bad substitute for breakfasts. Not having to chew will make you feel less satiated, which is why starting the day off chewing is necessary, preferably on fruit.

Instead: Eat fruits daily. Activating the digestive system in the morning and preparing it for higher calorie consumption in later meals is a perfect way to.


These all contain fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols or FODMAPs. These are carbohydrates of which humans are responsive as they are more difficult to digest than others, which contributes to fermentation in the stomach and intestines, thus bloating feeling. These should not be stopped but should be consumed later in the morning, preferably, because the digestive system is more involved.

Instead: Eat small quantities of these foods along with a good amount of fat and protein to help digest them.

What kind of breakfast do you usually have? Do you think it helps you stay fit, or do you want your habits changed? Let us know, or share your tips with us in the comments!

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