7 Celebrities Who Fell in Love With Their Animal Co-Stars So Much They Refused to Be Separated


Sophie Turner and Zunni, Rocco and Tom Hardy, and Chris Evans and Dodger… Sometimes celebrities have animals as co-stars, and they get along so well, that their separation is simply impossible to imagine.

Sophie Turner and Zunni from Game of Thrones

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For Game of Thrones, a northern Inuit dog named Zunni played the dire wolf, Lady, but didn’t make it past the second episode. So it left Zunni with no work and no house. That’s when Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) decided to adopt her, as she had been on set to bond with Zunni. As Turner states, she really wanted a dog growing up but her parents never let her have one.

Will Smith and Abbie from I am Legend

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Not only did audiences fall in love with the dog called Sam in I am Legend, played by a German Shepherd named Abbey — Will Smith did so too! Since the 2 of them had developed a deep bond during the filming process, it seemed impossible to split after making the film!

James Gunn and Oreo from Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Guardians Of The Galaxy creator James Gunn became good friends with the raccoon named Oreo who was a model for the Rocket Raccoon character in real life. Gunn and Oreo have shown up for the premiere together on the red carpet!

Tom Hardy and Rocco from The Drop

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Perhaps you know Tom Hardy is a huge fan of dogs. That’s one of the main reasons he learned in The Fall (2014), where the main character rescues an abused puppy named Rocco. Tom adopted Rocco in real life after the film was released and is taking the pup with him everywhere, according to paparazzi shots. Rocco also appears quite often on the actor’s Instagram!

Ed O’Neill and Bridgett from Modern Family

© Modern Family / ABC
   © Modern Family / ABC 

When a French Bulldog named Stella meets O’Neill’s character in the Modern Family, he instantly falls in love. In real life, the same happened, on set O’Neill looked after the pup— whose real name is Bridgett — like a real father. She was raised on the streets and was then given up by her adopted family. One day, she was rescued by an animal acting agency and Bridgett found her forever home after the Modern Family.

Chris Evans and Dodger from Gifted

© ChrisEvans / twitter   © ChrisEvans / twitter 

Chris Evans, the Avengers star, first encountered his co-star Dodger on the 2017 set of Gifted. He became best buds with the saved, mixed-breed boxer as Chris tells, and has since been inseparable. Today Dodger isn’t a puppy anymore but still appears on his favourite hooman’s Twitter account.

Brendan Fraser and Pecas from Texas Rising

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   © marthastewart48 / instagram 

Some of the actor horses were picking on a single horse, Pecas, on the Texas Rising set in Mexico. Brendan noticed that and brought home Pecas. Earlier, as the actor shared, Brendan’s autistic son also developed a special bond with the horse.

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